Monday, August 27, 2012

Mission 6. Summer Survivor Style Code Nails Kit.

Since it's still summer I have something interesting to share. This summer Aritaum store released quite a few mini nail polish kits for the season and I had a chance to buy one. There is still available lots of other boxes but I already have all those colors separately in my collection. I bought this mini nail polish kit a while ago and only now I got to play around with. And I actually think it's a lot of fun! Because I really do like all the colors and stickers and all the nail design ideas with it. Back of the box actually have lots of information (on Korean) and it includes 3 different nail design ideas and I decided to try all of them :) Also all of these 3 ideas can be combined into one manicure as well and it will looks great too :) The mini nail polish kit includes 3 different colors in Secret Navy, Night Spash and Silver Bullet. Each of them is 7ml. Also it contains one sheet of silver spider web stickers. Which are full size nail stickers, at least for my nail length.
Aritaum polish in Secret Navy. I have 2 coats on. Very dark-dark blue color, looks almost black. Creme finish. Dries very nice and fast. Applies smoothly.
Spider Style A. It says to apply Secret Navy polish as main background color and stick spider web stickers on top. The stickers are very nice and sticks perfectly, not peel off and it looked great until I took off my manicure.
Spider Style B. It says to apply Silver Bullet polish as main background color and Night Splash on to the nail tips. I applied 2 coats of silver polish and 1 coat of blue glitters. It was quite thick "polish pie" and to my surprise this also dried very quickly.
Aritaum polish in Silver Bullet. I have 2 layers on. Basically it's a bunch of fine silver glitters. In 2 layers it looks completely opaque and sparkly. I love this color so much o_O
Spider Style C. It says to apply Secret Navy polish as main background color and Night Splash on top. I also decided to add tiny accent on my ring finger and sticked some spider web as well.
Aritaum polish in Night Splash. I have 2 coats of it. Clear based polish with tons of blue and turquoise glitters to it. Very beautiful color, definitely buildable polish. Looks very nice and sparkly!
Thats it for now! I had my last nail exam yesterday and it was so much stress becuase when I did acrylic nail the nail tip just break off :( I hadn't enough time to re-do so I just sit and wait untill announcement of the results (the end of this week). I did everything good but this one, ohhh... don't know what to think...


  1. I love your blue glitter tipped nails! They all look amazing!

  2. ohhh my gosh those spider webs are amazing!

    1. U're right :) I love them too :)

  3. Whoo love the spider. It's really really cool.

  4. Ohhh that's pretty. I think I like the final combo the best because two blues look so complex, but that silver polish is AH-mazing!

    1. Awe! I really like the blue combo as well :) ThanQ for such sweet comment dear :)


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