Sunday, August 05, 2012

Etude House Magplay Nails

Today is the last day of our summer vacation but it's so super hot and humid out there so I more prefer to stay at home. Also I'm waiting for my hand model come to my place because at August 25 I have very last exam in my nail school and I still have to practice a lot especially for acrylic nails and silk extensions...
I bought these polishes a few weeks back and never tried. It's magnetic polish collection from Etude House. And in my local store they have only 4 may be 5 different shades. And all of them looks very boring, dimm and I already have to much magnetic polishes in my collection. But I thought why not to try something from this store and got this 2 shades only. Like I said before they looks absolutely imperceptible and it feels like I already have all those colors. But after applying them on my nails and getting the magnetic effect on I'm absolutely in love with this colors! The magnetic effect is very-very strong and agh... I just love them now!
 Etude House Magplay Nails #4 Mystic Khaki. 2 coats on with no top coat yet. Dries in normal time. Very boring sort of light green color by itself. Applies a bit striky but after getting the magnetic effect it looks fantastic! Am I wrong?
Etude House Magplay Nails #1 RED N. 2 coats on with no top coat yet. Dries in normal time. Applies as a faint pink color at first and with magnetic effect become this flirty sort of wine shade. Oh! I love these colors so much!
The only one minus is this collection represents only one type of magnet with diagonal lines. And it's sold separately. But I got a little bit of luck because I already have some different magnetic shapes and I haven't bought any from this particular collection. Also it comes with individual carton box with individual polish name and all necessary information (directions, ingredients, etc) on English as well. 
If I didn't already have so many magnetic polishes I would certainly have rushed out and buy every single color of this Magplay Nails. 


  1. wow!
    you're right about them having strong metal particles. that green one is the best magnet effect that i've seen so far!
    too bad about it being streaky though but i guess it's ok since the magnet design will cover it up.
    im not really into magnet polishes but it's nice to see different trends of polishes these days,no?
    now, i wonder who will be able to replicate OPI's spotted

    1. U're right!!! And I'm sooo want that spotted polish :)

  2. Boo to last day of vacation. Always sad. These nail varnishes are beautiful.

    1. LOL~ My hubby says the same all day long :) ThanQ sweetie :)

  3. Me encantan los esmaltes magnetics.


  4. They all look fantastic! I always wanted to try magnetic polishes, but I haven't found any here yet:( GOOOOD LUUUCK with your exam!!!!!!! I'm sure you'll be perfect!! ;D

    1. Try them when U'll find any because magnetic polishes are a lot of fun!

      Aweee! ThanQ very much Minnie :)


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