Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NOTD and more new things!

HeLLo everyone! Here is more stuffies SO in the "buy" mood LOL~
I bought more of the Jo Sonja acrylic paints and I have to say that I'm so impressed by this products! Available in so many different colors including metallic shades. This time I got only 3 of them because they are kind of expensive, Aqua (slightly different tone on the picture than IRL), Pale Gold and Silver. So exciting! I wish they have smaller size in one set rather than this huge tubes. But I will definately go back and buy more metallic shades. Do U have any favourite colors from Jo Sonja paints? Any suggestions?
 I also went to the Innisfree store because I needed an eye cream and base coat for my nails. So I bought some other polishes as well which are SO beautiful and blin-blingy. 
 My new eye cream which I'm in love with. Very moisturizing and has this minty sort of scent. But I really like it! Also I got some free products from The Face Shop some time ago and it was a set of their new collections (Shower Gel is missing in action LOL~) 
Chia Seed Water 100. Which is facial spray - refresher. Can be used before or after make-up application just to refresh the skin. I almost done with it and so gonna buy a full size of this goodness. I like using it cold especially at this humid summer days :) 
Green Tea Body set. Mild Body Lotion, Hand Gel Cream and Shower Gel. All of them smells like a green tea obviously, very light textured products and lotion and cream absorbing into the skin instantly. Good stuff!
Some more free samples from Innisfree: different type of BB creams, skin care products and cotton pads.
I don't remember if I already showed this haul before but I also walked into Skin Food store because I needed new eye lash curler. And it's very usual beauty tool, nothing special, curling my lashes like any other eye lash curler, came with 3 replacement pads. And 2 more Pedicure Vita polishes :) Love both shades for both toes and nails :)
 My nail tech. gifted me this product :) It's ARTCOS pro lipgloss. Apologize for the bad quality picture but IRL it looks more like dusty rose and transparent on the lips, has a little bit of sticky texture, not very sticky tho. No smell, no individual name either LOL~ It comes in a make-up kit in the school ;)
And finally my nails of the day. It's MODI polish in Secret Topaz #16. 2 coats on. Blue based color with tons of blue and green glitters to it. SO mermaid inspired color, I loveeeee it :D And it reminds me of "Across the Universe" by Deborah Lippmann.
Thats it for today :) ThanQ for looking :)


  1. The innisfree haul is so pretty and the nail polish on your nails♥♥♥
    Right now I'm avoiding glitter nail polishes because I don't want to weaken my nails with acetone from removing the glitter, any advice?

    1. Thanx hon!

      Awe! U're not! Apply cuticle oil first and then make a kitchen foil wrap with pure acetone when take off glitters. And after that wash ur hands and nails really-really well, U can even use a small soft brush for this. Try to use hardeners and base coat polish every time U change ur manicure. Also every night before sleep use any type of moisturizers on hand and nails it will strengthening ur nails as well...

  2. OMG~!! I use the same acrylic paint too~xD And I just got myself the Aqua one too~ lol!! Do you have Cadmium Yellow(mid)?? It's a really nice bright sunflower yellow:D Hope you'll like it too<3xxxx

    1. Awe! Yellow is my favourite color lately and I like all the shades of yellow! ThanQ very much for the suggestion Minnie, I'll definitely check it :)


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