Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Etude House Dear My Neon Pop Nails & Dear My Deep Color Nails

HeLLo everyone! Finally here is some swatches I promised the other day :)
Like I said before I was at Etude House store and they had 1+1 sale for all their nail polishes. So I bought a bunch of different nail colors and the rhinestone kit too which I totally forgot to take a picture for :) Initially I needed some bright/neon colors to play with water marbling designs and seems like I found not only them but as well as hot colors suitable for this season. Look at my water marbling design using some of my new Etude House polishes HERE.
 And here is all the swatches ->
Etude House Dear My Neon Pop Nails in Fresh Melon. 2 coats on. Quite sheer consistency. I can still see through my natural nails even in 2 layers on. Dries in normal time tho. Works great for water marbling technique.
 Etude House Dear My Neon Pop Nails in Warning Yellow. 2 coats on. Very bright sunny color which I'm totally in love with. Absolutely nice and pretty. Applies smoothly and opaque. Dries in normal time. Works amazing for water marbling technique as well.
 Etude House Dear My Neon Pop Nails in Powerfull Peach. 2 coats on. It doesn't look as a peachy shade to me at all but more like a nice pink. It has creme finish as well and dries in normal time. Great for water marblings. 
 Etude House Dear My Neon Pop Nails in Lunatic Purple. 2 coats on. Very pretty color but still on a sheer side. I can see my natural nails through. But for water marbling designs it works cool!
 Etude House Dear My Deep Color Nails in Meet Mint. 2 coats on. OMG! It's very beautiful color! I love it! The texture is nice and opaque and I love this teal color a lot!
 Etude House Dear My Deep Color Nails in Poppy Purple. 2 coats on. Like a blue-purple color. Creme finish. 
 Etude House Dear My Deep Color Nails in Energy Orange. 2 coats on. Creme finish. So pretty polish! I can see myself wearing it a lot on my nails!
 Etude House Dear My Deep Color Nails in Pick Pink. 2 coats on. hahaha~ Seems like Etude House has some kind of problem with lack of knowledge of colors. This is the second one which definitely isn't pink but more kind of cool tone peachy shade. Or is it only me or they just mixed up lables with Powerfull Peach?
Here is all the colors I have so far (not the whole collection tho, I still miss lots of colors). They all have creme finish and has a wide brush. Overall I do like all the colors and may be I'll go back and check the rest of them. But watching all the sellout in the store it's clear to me that soon will be a new collection of polishes :P Kindda exciting :)


  1. Wow these colors are great!!
    I love them all!

    1. Thanx for the LOVE! They are really nice and I like them too :)

  2. These are such fresh colours!! I LOVE all of them...which rarely happens to me! OMG~xD

    1. ThanQ very much Minnie :) We should do a nail stuff swap sometime :)

  3. Omg its really pretty! And btw, does it glows in the dark since its neon?


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