Monday, June 04, 2012

Summer Juicy Nails

HeLLo everyone! The summer time awakens the most optimistic emotions, isn't it? In the summer of 2012 also trendy coral, yellow, orange, blue, purple and green polishes. And when will experiment with color polish but in the summer! Colorful polishes in perfect harmony with fun jumpers, bright swimsuits and cheerful T-shirts. I don't have anything yellow and orange for eveyrday wear but I thought this color combination will look trendy and suitable for any summer outfits.
My right hand looks a bit different and it's just because of the wrong lighting. I have the same design on my both hands.

How To Get Done This "Summer Juicy Nails":
1. Apply base coat as always. Apply one layer of sheer beige color all over the nails.
2. Sponge neon yellow and neon orange colors on nail free edges only. 
3. Apply any kind of flakies to make everything looks combined.
4. With a small detail brush and black acrylic paint draw some random stripes, commas and dots.
5. Make sure to seal everything with a layer of clear top coat.

Thats it for Summer nail art :) I'm apologize if something doesn't work in my blog I already contacted blogspot team but of course they don't fix it and don't replay. Yeah, they don't work as always! 


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