Thursday, June 14, 2012

Best Sence - Blue Glitter

HeLLo everyone! I feel a little bit better now and didn't die of boredom on long nails anymore. Because my nails are super stubs now LOL~ I cut them all off and I'm so gonna finish this damn nail school anyways, I've started it, I'll finish it LOL~ Wish me some luck and don't forget about me because I'll be blogging much less in the next 3 months. And here is the last pre-made update with another nail polish I was sent.

Best Sence #89. Transparent nail polish with lots of blue hexagon glitters to it. Very nice polish for layering. I used 2 coats for each swatch. Easy to use but it dries a bit longer than other regular polishes.
For the white base I used The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex creme white polish in WH002.
For the dark/black base I used The Face Shop Nail Talk creme black polish in BK901.
For matching color I chose Nails Inc polish in Denim.
And again, my favourite combinations is gonna to be with dark/black base. It looks smartly to me LOL~

This polish was sent by KKCenterHK.


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    1. ThanQ very much! Yeah, it's definitely a great color for glitters :)


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