Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trendy Pedicure For Summer 2012

Summer is just around the corner. And in my case, summer has come for some time already. And it means that toes should be prepared in advance for summer shoes and perfect pedicure. Pedicure trends of this summer will include animal prints, french tips, nude or natural toes. Fashionable shades of nail polish would be all rainbow/colorful shades, all shades of yellow and orange at the height of fashion this season. Pink and crimson shades stays in the trend in 2012 as well. Add glamor and glitz to nails helps metallic shade. This doesn't necessarily have to manicure match a pedicure. Among other innovations in the field of a pedicure is skin-pedicure and phyto-pedicure (cumulative use of medicinal herbs).
Yesterday I've changed my pedicure based on summer trends and I made French tip on my toes for very first time. 

       How To Get Pedicure French Tips:
1. Apply base coat and wait untill it completely dries (about 30 mins).
2. Place French Tip stencils and apply French white polish. U can use regular white polish but U'll have to apply a few coats so it looks nice and opaque. 
3. Gentely unstick the stencils.
4. Apply sheer beige polish on all toe nails.
5. Add some decorations, in my case I used some white and black flower stickers.
6. Apply shimmer top coat.


  1. This is really cute and elegant :)

  2. Beautiful pedicure!!! The small flowers are sooooo cute~:D I love your dalmatian print shoes;p

  3. ThanQ thanQ so much ladies :) I'm glad U all like the toes and hope I gave U an idea for ur next pedicure :)


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