Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Rock Skull Nails

HeLLo everyone! I have another set of stickers from KKCenterHK. The quality of the stickers is the same as the previous one so glue is weak and the stickers by itself are very thin, I had a lot of troubles to get those bones unstick from sheet. But I find them quite unique and interesting to wear :)
Please, let me know what do U think about this manicure?
How To Get "Rock Skull" Nails Done:
1. Apply base coat as always. Prep the nails with one coat of basic creme white polish. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of. But it's just The Face Shop polish in WH002 from Lovely Me:ex collection.
2. Make a simple water marble with 2 shades of silver polishes.
3. Stick some skulls and seal everything with a good layer of shimmer top coat.
Skull stickers was sent from KKCenterHK.


  1. Yaaayy!! Looong time no see~!! These skulls don't look like stickers!! They look like hand painted:) So awesome~;D

  2. HI! This pattern is pretty striking. Cute mani :)

  3. Wow!!..Cool manicure you have there 언니.. Can't wait to see more from you..^_^..

  4. Very much loving this look!

  5. Very cool :) love the marble base too xox


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