Wednesday, May 02, 2012

2D HeLLo Kitty Nails

HeLLo everyone! I'm so excitied because I finally got driving license the last week and passed all exams successfully! Can't think about my own car right now because we have to buy new apartments and move out but I've noticed all my dreams coming true :) 
Lately I've got 4 different nail stickers from KKCenterHK. They always send me adorable and nice quality things which I very do appreciate. The very first, I wanted to try out Hello Kitty 2D stickers. And I really wasn't a fan of any Hello Kitty stuff before but feel absolutely in love now! Because these stickers are absolutely amazing!
This is totally easy to do nail art and it looks cute, huh?
This stickers are very nice quality. They sticks very good to the nails and don't unstick as it do a lot of other cheap nail art stickers. The stickers are very colorful, glow in the dark and it's enough to make quite a few manicures with one set.
How To Make HeLLo Kitty Nails:
1. Apply base coat as always. After that I applied 1 coat of Etude House sheer beige polish. Any sheer polish for French mani will works great.
2. Apply basic white polish on the nail tips. It may look a bit messy, it doesn't matter.
3. With light pink nail art polish make checkered pattern and fill in all the intersection of lines with darker pink polish. Acrylic paints will work as great for this step.
4. With a big size of dotting tool make different/random dots on top of smile line. The set of 5 different dotting tools available on KKCenterHK as well.
5. Add some Hello Kitty stickers and seal everything with a good layer of top coat.
Do U like Hello Kitty nails?


  1. congrats on your license....cute mani!

  2. Very cute design HK never goes out of style :)
    Congratulations on your license :D

  3. Adorable manicure..I love it as usual..Can't wait to see more..Yay!..

    Unnie.. Chuka haeyo..^_^..

  4. sooooo cute :)

  5. Awww~!! You're soooo lucky to have such cute stickers gifted~xD I LOVE HK and they're sooooo cuuute on your nails~<3


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