Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A Fish Couple Nails

I'm hurry to say that mermaid will not appear as though as this may wish to. I'd love to have lil' Ariel on my nails too but I just can't freehand it, comply with the proportions for such a small space is still hard for me >_<
It's so late right now and I usually sleep at this time but I was watching my favourite drama "LoveRain" and really wanted to share my day with U :) Anyways, this last few days was quite crazy and I had no time for internet. And actually today my hubby took me to the Beauty School and he made me train a professional manicure :) I'm so happy :) Everything was very nice there, the teachers are very beautiful young ladies but absolutely friendly. All nail art sample stands was just uber amazing, everything about 3D nail art, airbrush arts, freehanding, water marbling and all those stuff. They have a bunch of great US brand nail polishes which I finally could buy for myself :) Oh, I'm so thankful for this!!
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Recently I'm wearing this very bling-bling nail design which is just a French tips + fishy stickers :) It's very simple but seems like everyone likes this >_<
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Sorry for the bad quality pictures. Just because it's hard to focuse such glittery manicure on the sunlight.
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How To Make "Fish Couple" Nails:
1. Apply base coat as always. Apply any sheer beige/rose nail polish and wait 'till dry.
2. Apply glittery blue nail polish as a dramatic French tips by using small detail brush.
3. Apply bigger blue glitters and sprinkle light green glitters on top by using fan brush.
4. Stick fishy stickers and seal everything with clear top coat.
This Fish stickers is a bit different quality than HeLLo Kitty stickers. Glue on this stickers is weak and I recommend to apply them on slightly dry nail polish, it will grab the image better. Also this set contains a little air bubbles sort of stickers as well, so they are absolutely invisible on the nails and no significant as 3D stickers. But for the price this is very great product!
 Fish stickers was sent by KKCenterHK.


  1. I adore this <3<3


  2. Wow!.. 축하해요 언니.. Very lucky to have such understanding husband like that.. Can't wait to see what type of nail designs will 언니 learn from Beauty School..

    Cute manicure by the way..Beautiful blue color..

    1. 고마워 :) I'll try to share everything I'll learn in the school :) especially design techniques :)

  3. that's amazing!
    congrats on going to school,sweetie!
    im sure it's gonna be such fun being able to do that.

    your mani looks so cool!
    i love the glitters.

    i thought i don't like glitters but when i took a look at my stash i saw that i have a lot of glitter polishes.. haha!
    i love milani polishes!
    if you could get your hands on milani 3d holos, get them!
    they are amazing!

    1. ThanQ very much dear! I have only one 3D (green polish) holo from Milani and it's really nice!

    2. OMG!
      that one & cyber (i think is the name) are the 2 that i would love to have the most!
      it's a good thing that you now have access to the american brands there.

      maybe next time you can start frankening too!

    3. I already have 2 or 3 franken polishes and hmmm... seems like I'm not enjoying that :( But I should try to mix some holos as well. May be they will work for me. Btw, I love ur frankening polishes >_<

  4. super cute fishes! I love your nail art Anastacia, they are consistently perfect to look at!

  5. Wooooww!! I LOVE these fishies too~xD Your design looks like a real aquarium~<3


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