Sunday, April 15, 2012

One-Stroke Flower and Purple Magnetic Nail Polish

I've been busy for last few days. I'm successfully passed the first test for driving :) and there are still two more exams. Next week I have 5 hours lesson and 2nd driving exam which is already make me dizziness but I hope I'll do it as good as the first one LOL~
I had some inspiration for another mani I've done today. It's a recreations of mine which was done last year for one-stroke flower, look [HERE]
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Main background color consists of two varnishes which are pastel yellow from The Face Shop Face & It Pastel Check Trio Kit in YL701 and flakies nail polish from Color Club in Covered in Diamonds. I was very exciting to try out this nail polish because I didn't used it since bought them and I have to say that this Covered in Diamonds made me very disappointed. The consistency is very strange, the product applies to shreds and doesn't lay flat on the surface. I applied 2 thick top coats before I started work with acrylic paints and also cut off some pieces with small scissors. Yeah... that was a lot of unexpected extra work LOL~ But overall the final effect is pretty nice especially on the sunlight.
For the acrylic paints I used deep yellow and orange colors with a small size of flat nail art brush.
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I was wear this nail polish a few days ago when I had oval nails. I seriously don't know whats going on with me or what's in my head but when my nails oval I feel completely uninspired. I look at them and I like how they looks but at the same time can't feel any passion to the nails. I don't want polish/paint them even hydrate or anything else. Thats kindda funny but exactly what I felt for last few days.
BK nail polish in #004. 2 layers on without top coat. I found that any top coat can spoil the whole magnetic effect of this BK polishes. Thats sad because I bought 7 of them but I do wear them for just a few days anyways and can do without top coat.
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Also I wanted to say that finally all sponsored posts and products are finished and now I feel like a free bird in flight and can do whatever nail design I want to. Never thought it will took me so much time to review everything I had. Anyways it's not sponsored post LOL~ 


  1. your painted flower is so pretty! i'm still trying to master the technique.

  2. Very pretty as always Anastacia! :)


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