Wednesday, April 04, 2012

3D Mickey Mouse on Red French Tips

Have to take a little break from the study of traffic and such LOL~ I'm still wearing Untamed Luxury by Color Club and staring at my nails all the time. But today I want to share manicure which was pre-made. 3D Mickey Mouse Head on red french tips. I really liked this nail design because those red french tip looks so damn... hot >_<
How To Get 3D Mickey Mouse:
1. Apply base coat as always, I'm usually using two base coats which are nail growing stimulator by Kiss and nail hardener by Aritaum.
2. With a sponge apply creme red nail polish on nail tips.
3. Apply red glittery polish and stick red and black flat rhinestones on the beginning of free edge.
4. I pre-made 3D Mickey Mouse head (4 pieces: 2 small and 2 large). Stick them on thumbs and ring fingers. Place red rhinestones in the center of Mickey Mouse head.
5. Seal everything with 2 layers of clear top coat.
Here is 3D mold with Mickey Mouse head nail decorations. It has quite a few different size and shapes of Mickey Mouse head. I like the smallest pieces right now because during cold seasons it need a lot of things/clothes to wear and small decorations suits to natural nails very good, without clinging for anything. I'll try more bigger sizes of 3D decorations at summer time :)

How To Use 3D Mold:
1. Make sure U work in a very good ventilated room because the liquid smells so bad!!
2. Preapre mold which will be using, acrylic powders, liquid and brushes. For this I like to use smaller acrylic brushes, my favourite size is #2.
3. Fill in the mold and wait for about 3-5 minutes and with toothpick take 3D decorations out.
4. Stick them on clear nail polish or nail glue (which is not recommended for using on natural nails!)
5. The most important step is to seal 3D design with a good layer of top coat to protect ur manicure.
This product was sent for review. Please click [HERE] for more info.


  1. Red and black is such a sexy combination!
    Lovely manicure♥

    1. :D I Think the same :) ThanQ very much :)

  2. I like this, lol! I think the mickey on your ring finger would be the size I'd wear, but I LOVE the red!

    1. Yes, thats a good size, it's the biggest one :) ThanQ for the love :>

  3. I wanted to thank you for this great post!! I enjoyed every little bit of it, I have you bookmarked and waiting for all the new stuff you post.
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    1. Awe! I'm really gald U like it! Thanx to U for such sweet comment :)

  4. I love the red and black combination, AND the Disney details :) Beautiful!


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