Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Floral Nail Design

It's raining since yesterday but the spring weather feels anyways! And my today's manicure was totally inspired by SPRING :) I used pastel pink and blue nail polishes and glow in the dark 3D nail stickers. I really do like the glowing stickers but both of my kids hate them because they are afraid of lighting in the dark images/nails ;) My lil' boy don't want hold my hand before going sleep anymore >_<
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It looks a bit yellow in the area above nail tips but it wasn't very noticeable IRL. Yes, my nails are yellow but it don't bother me at all!
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How To Get Spring Floral Nail Design:
1. Apply base coat and make a french tips by sponging light pink and baby blue nail polishes at once.
2. Apply clear based glittery nail polish.
3. Stick some floral stickers and rhinestones.
4. Seal everything with clear top coat.
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Here is the flower stickers I used. They are really pretty but the glue on them is a bit weak. So I suggest to apply them on not completely dry nail polish and seal them with a thick layer of top coat.  
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  1. Just beautiful! That's funny about your kids not liking glow in the dark, I would think most kids like it.

    1. Thats really funny because both of them like glowing stars in their room but not my nails LOL~

  2. i like this a lot! such a fun theme for a nail art! good job!

  3. I'm in love with ur nail arts! have to sub to you immediately ^^ hope you check out my blog as well when you got time to


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