Saturday, March 31, 2012

Red Magnetic Polish

HeLLo everyone! The other day I got this magnetic polish from Born Pretty Nail Art Store. And I'm so exciting about all magnetic nail polishes right now, it's my new obsession lately :) It's very unique type of nail polishes and they look absolutely creative without any extra nail designing.  
How To Apply Magnetic Nail Polish:
1. Apply base coat as always and wait 'till it completely dry.
2. Apply first layer of magnetic polish on all 10 fingers and again wait 'till it completely dry.
3. Apply second coat on one finger and immediately place special magnet over nail. It needs to work on one nail at a time. Hold special magnet for about 5-15 seconds. The longer keep magnets over nail the more visible effects. 
4. Do all the rest of fingers the same way. Wait untill everything completely dry and then apply top coat.

This is beautiful coppery red 15ml nail polish. Shimmery looking finish. Also wearable by itslef without any magnetic effects. And here is one coat of this polish pre-magnet. The formula of this nail polish is quite opaque and thick but it still applies smooth and even. The brush is usual no any "protruding hair" just normal for easy use brush. It smells a bit funky but not very strong at all and didn't bother me at all. 
This magnetic polishes, I mean all of them, dries a bit longer than normal nail polishes because of the thick consistency. And before apply any top coat make sure it's completely dry otherwise it will ruin the magnetic effect. To remove the nail polish use regular nail polish remover, it's not hard to take off.
This nail polish comes together with separate special magnet in one set. I've got "diagonal lines" magnet which is my favourite magnetic effect of all time. Because I found this came out the best on my natural long nails. The magnet is strong enough, I really do like it. I also have tried to use this magnet for other brand magnetic nail polishes and it works as great!
This product was sent for review. Please click [HERE] for more information about this magnetic polish.
The Nail Art store also provided special coupon code for 10% OFF for MyMakeUpMania's readers :)


  1. Un rojo precioso y te ha quedad genial. Yo con los magnético siempre toco alguna uña con el imán.

    1. !!!Please!!! Comment on ENGLISH!! I don't understand ur language!! Or I'll be just delet all of them!

  2. What a beautiful red nail polish color..I love it hun..Even without magnetic the nail polish still look great..^_^..Can't wait to see more from you hun..

    1. Awe thanQ very much dear! This is really a pretty color :)

  3. That is a really cool color for a magnetic <3 probably one of the prettiest ones I've seen xoxo


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