Sunday, March 18, 2012

PLEASE READ: Let's Clear Things Out, Q & A

HeLLo everyone! First of all I want to say thanQ for following my blog through E-mail. Recently I added new gadget to the right side bar and blog statistics shows that quite a lot of people use it. ThanQ very much for reading my blog :) Also I have Facebook account where I share more personal pictures 'n stuff, please feel free to add me as a friend and I'll be happy to chat with U too :)

I received few messages through my Yahoo e-mail and Facebook message system where people asking me about all last sponsored blog-posts and real thoughts on products. I replayed to every single message but I also want to make an update here so everyone can know the "truth" and not think bad things about my personality.

Q: Do you affiliate to
A: NO! I'm only affiliate to KIM brushes site and BornPretty store but I swear since I was added to the affiliate program I never opened that account again. I don't earn any money through my blog, I swear!

Q: How do you get companies send you free products?
A: Honestly, I do nothing. I just have long nails and often updating my blog. I never contacted any companies and never asked for free products. And if I really want something I'll buy it on my own money.

Q: How you can enjoy everything *** company sent you?
A: Simple! Because mostly I'm sposored by KKCenterHK and BornPretty store and on this web-sites fortunately I have chance to pick up products for review by myself. And obviously every time I get products which I'm interested in or really wanted to try out. Believe me I don't replay on a lot of other offers like reviewing hair care products, wigs, hair extensions, fake eye lashes and all sorts of stuff. So, please don't think that all my reviews and blog posts are fake! They are all asolutely honest and if I don't like something I directly say it!

Q: You're often change manicures, how it possible with a small child?
A: Ok, yes! I'm changing my nails almost every day recently, because of the sponsored reviews. Also my baby is not that small, he's almost 2 LOL~ and he already goes to the kindergarden since the beginning of this month. Now I have more free time for myself and I really like changing my nails daily. Hope it's not bothering anyone.

So, please please please don't think that I got paid for all positive reviews, I really am not that person who will lie for money! I do not earn money on my blog, it's my hobby and I enjoy sharing all my nail experience.
Anyways, I already posted this picture on my Facebook account for 365 days challenge and gonna share it here as well. I bought a new ring for my thumb finger :) It's gold because this metal suits better for my skin tone. I've tried a lot of other rings made from platinum, white gold, with different stones 'n such but this was initially nice :) modest, and neat :)
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Thats it I think, if I forgot anything feel free to ask below...
Thanx for reading and happy polishing everyone!


  1. Very informative post.
    I wish I could decorate my nails more often ^ ^
    I just cut my nails :( I feel a bit sad...

    1. ThanQ sweetheart :) Aweee! Thats why I don't see a blog post lately ;P Don't worry they'll grow long soon :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your honest explanation hun..I know you not like that and I trust you..I love changing my nails too just that I seldom post it on my blog because I don't have time..Can't wait to see more nail design from you hun..^_^..

    1. ThanQ very much Angie! Thanx for always supporting me!


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