Friday, March 30, 2012

"Playboy Bunny" Nails

HeLLo everyone! This last minute manicure I'm wearing right now. Don't have enough time for anything because next week I have "safety norms" and then driving test. There's still a lot to learn and I'm only half done with the disc but I do my best to study more.
Recently I'm completely into magnetic nail polishes! It's so unique type of nail polish and what I like more about it is look great by itself. So, for this manicure I made design on magnetic polish background. And I thought Playboy logo would be great combined with BK magic nail polish in #008. I'll be post about my new magnetic polishes which I bought recently very soon ;) 
How To Get "Playboy Bunny" Nails:
1. Apply base coat as usual and magnetic polish.
2. Stick Playboy stencils and with a piece of sponge gently apply creme black nail polish.
3. Add black rhinestones and seal everything with clear top coat.

Как сделать дизайн ногтей "Playboy Bunny":
1. Нанести базу под лак как обычно. Затем нанести магнитный лак как основной фон.
2. При помощи трафаретов, спонжика и черного лака получить Playboy лого.
3. Приклеить черные стразы и закрепить все слоем прозрачного топа.
Here is another stencils I got from KKCenterHK and seems like I found better way to use them. From my experience, I realized that using regular sponge works much better instead of apply stright with a nail polish brush. Also when I peel off I try to unstick from the side and it helps to not damage the delicate areas. So, this time I got more perfect images :)
Thanx for looking and have a great weekend everyone!
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  1. Love the Nails INC magetic polish, goes so well with the black play boy bunny ^.^ x

    1. This is BK magnetic polis but thanQ anyways ;)


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