Sunday, January 29, 2012

Magnet Kit For Magnetic Nail Polish

To get the amazing effect when using magnetic nail polishes we all must use specially designed magnets. And these special magnets are not included to nail polishes on KKCENTERHK but this kit is sold separately. I was very fortunate and I had a chance to get one of these kits for myself.
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Code: JR1111
Price: $13.00
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KKCENTERHK web-site says:
"This product use for Pattern Shaping on Magnetic Nail Polish
3 Pattern in one set, with a small frame and bracket,
Convenient to adjust the height of the magnet to shape pattern on nails
The distance between the magnet and nail could not exceed 5mm,
Put your nails with magnetic nail polish under the magnet for 5-15 seconds,
It could not be shaped after nail polish is dried,
Do not touch the magnet with magnetic materials,
And bank cards, credit cards could easily lead to magnetic degaussing."
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Anastacia's experience: This kit includes 3 different magnets and special holder for one finger. But I personally don't like it because the main "foundation" is unstable and falls every time. On each of the magnets has a personal picture of the magnetic image. My favourite pattern is diagonal lines because I have noticed it gives more noticeable result. Also I'm not sure if this magnet kit will be work for other magnetic nail polish brands because I have only OUQIAN.  
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The experiment with turning the magnet in the opposite direction turned out unsuccessful. And it's clearly seen on my middle finger. I tried to turn the magnet with a horizontal line at 90 degrees and achieve vertical lines pattern but the desired result wasn't  achieved. 
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I'm so excitied to have this magnet kit. It gives such unique nail design in seconds.
Here is my 2 cents in a large piggy bank but the most important thing that everyone can make a personal consequences for themselves on how much need this accessory or not.

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  1. Wow, I didn't know that there was so much involved in magnetic stuff. I thought it could be used with any magnet. Who knew! :)

    Thank you for the info. Loved it!


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  2. OMG!!..Cool stuff..never try this type of nail polish before..Love the nail polish color..

  3. Gorgeous effect. Looks great.


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