Monday, January 30, 2012

Earthlings - exploitation of animals...

I've never been an active campaigner for animal rights. I mean I'm always very sensitive to pets but that's all. Several days ago I found this video and this story doesn't leave my mind alone. Of course I'm not a professional and maybe I caught on some kind of trick, honestly I want to! Because all what I saw made me very-very sad. I know everyone earn money as they can but ...
This is Russian video but originally was made in US I guess and may be most of U already saw it but I want to share this anyways!
When I was young I had a dog, his name was King. He was very big pedigreed dog and my best friend. And like all of pet owners I was coming to the moment of parting. King was completely healthy and it was a strange parting. He was just stolen from me, and accordingly all knew for what purpose. Since then I've never had a pet I'm just too afraid to relive something that has experienced that time! How can these pathetic people can do such terrible things?

My today's manicure theme is completely devoted to interests of the animals. I wish all the animals in the world have had 9 (in my country it says 7) lives like cats, for sure for real!!!
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N.Nail Cats Water Decals
Code: WDSY002
Price: $2.64
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This is 20 water decal images sheet. The cat images is white and because of that it difficult to see on a white background. The quality of the decals is absolutely amazing as all N.Nail items do. 
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My mani in the shade...
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Direct sunlight...
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Thus I don't make anyone to change personal views on things but we all must remember one simple thing that animals are living beings and they can feel too!

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  1. That is a lovely nail art against animal cruelty.
    I have awarded you the I ♥ Your Blog Award

  2. This is such a sweet, beautiful post. ANd I like your nail art!


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  3. OMG!..Cute mani you have there hun..^_^..Can't wait to see more from you..

  4. That is so adorable!! I bet you got a lot of compliments ^_^

  5. OMG, how sad experience you had... I hope your King has/had a good family to spend the rest of his life with:( These type of video makes me feel bad being a human(;_;) It all caused because of us:( I want to save these poor animals somehow. Your kitten nails look so pretty btw...:)


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