Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Snowflake Nails

I didn't had a chance to change my nails for Christmas but I did them for New Years Eve :) It's frosty white base color with some sponged creme white on top and french tip water decals from KKCETERHK.
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N.Nail Water Decals French Tip 
Code: WDB019
Price: $2.64
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Here is a little bit closer to the design. It's a sheet of 15 french tip water decals. Just a basic black color with white snowflakes.
I always thought that my nails are not very large but this decals are too small for my nail plate. What I did I just placed them in the center of my nail tips and with black acrylic paint (any black nail polish will do) and small detail brush filled in nail sides and free edges.
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And the final look :)
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Whats on ur nails right now?

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  1. A beautiful choice for New Year'S Eve.

  2. Вау, какая красота! Эти наклеечки с снежинками просто супер! Я божаю зимнюю тему, снежинки, блестки, все такое. А ровно нарисовать снежинки не получается. А тут все готовое!
    И хорошая идея с белым глиттерным лаком, на который ты спонжем нанесла белый кремовый лак- как будто сугробы! Если успею, то попробую такое на Н.Г. или красный с золотом - еще посмотрю. А прямо сейчас на мне то,что в блоге опубликовала только что :)

  3. you have very beautiful nails my dear!

  4. Oh WOW, I have french manicure and that's looking shabby compared to yours!


    Love it - perfect for the New Year's Eve!


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  5. I used these for my christmas nails

  6. These look so cool! I wish I knew how to use decals.

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  7. Lovely. I initially thought this was stamping, lol!


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