Friday, November 25, 2011

Challenge Day 20: WATER MARBLED nails.

Day 20 for WATER MARBLED nails. And the main idea was to create blue sorta "gust of wind" pattern. I used 3 different blue colors light blue, mid. blue and darker blue for those 3 shades. I also have tried to stamp some snowflakes on with a white s.p. I like the final result but I wish the white s.p. shows up more brighter.
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It turned out that snowflakes kindda is the part of water marbling :)
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This time I used vaseline instead of wrapping with a scotch tape :)
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Thats it for my another take on WATER MARBLED nails :)


  1. Thanks for another inspirational look!

  2. Крсота! Настоящие зимние ногти! А снежинки - это Конад?

  3. @ Dana, спасибочки! Это не Конад, точно такие же рисунки только на огромных пластинах со всеми возможными картинками они называются "fauxnad"


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