Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Challenge Day 17: GLITTER nails.

It's GLITTERs day today. I was very excited about this theme but the final result turned out not such as it was conceived. I've tried to make a glittery gradient background with bigger turquoise glitters on top. And actually I like it but the color combination >_< Anyways, meet my GLITTER nails :)
Edit later: Something wrong going on with Blogspot and Picasa album and I lost some pictures from this update! Sorry! 
To put the glitters on I used old fluffy make-up brush.
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I LOVE Sparkle Aqua nail polish from PERIPERA!!!
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Full mani on my both hands... Looks a bit heavy but glittery LOL~
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For the main nail color I used one from Tony Moly. "APPLE YELLOW" YL702 2 layers on. Looks more yellow on the nails than in the bottle. Shimmery finish, dries in normal time. A bit sheer, I'd go for 3 coats next time.
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  1. Да у тебя шикарный маникюр, и глиттеров много, я вижу. Сфоткай все свои глиттеры, мне будет интересно. У меня нет синего и сиреневого.

  2. ThanQ everyone for took ur time and visited me!!

    @ Dana, спасибочки :) обязательно сфотаю, вот как выйдет солнышко на днях и сразу покажу :)


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