Monday, October 24, 2011

Haul of the October

It's time to share my October's haul. I have a lot of progress I think, it's not that much stuff as usual I buy, only things which I was needed in. I walked into The Face Shop story to buy some nail polish remover and facial cleanser. I get long lasting top coat from them too (needed one) and I regret about this so much, it has a very harsh brush which can easily destroy all ur nail design! I also bought an empty eye shadow/blush palette and filled it with my Lovely Me:ex blushes.
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I also made an amazing swap with Ash-Lilly check out her amazing nail blog [HERE]. She sent me a bunch of brilliant nail polishes and Beauty UK eye shadow palette which I've already used and I like the colors from that palette :)
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And look at this.... How sweet it is, huh? She sent me some handmade jewelries! And I looove them so sooo much! It's beautiful!
ThanQ Liane very much! I really do like all the goodies U sent me! mwahhh~
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Thats it! Yes, really, it's all I have this month :) I've already used quite a few products from this haul and if U followed my previous updates U probably saw them. Deal with myself working pretty nice, much better than I thought actually. Gonna keep "non-buying" mode slightly increase next month tho ;)
What is ur last haul?


  1. Wow!!..What a great hauls and swap..^_^..Can't wait to see nail polish swatches from you hun..

  2. You've got some great stuff! My last haul was 3 Barielle polishes and some fimo slices from Hong Kong. I'm waiting for the fimo. Not much of a haul but not such a dent in my wallet either.

    Happy Monday!

  3. I love The Face Shop too!! Their nail polishes are great;D I love that necklace~!! So beautiful!!

  4. @ Jamilla Camel, yeah and I'm happy :D

    @ -AnGiEpInK-, ThanQ! I've already posted most of them by the way!

    @ Kay, can't wait to see more designs with ur new fimo slices. I love them a lot :0

    @ Minnie, yes, u're right! the face Shop polishes are so nice! I'm sooo addicted to them!

  5. Thank YOU Anastacia! It was great swapping with you! X

  6. Thank YOU Anastacia, it was lovely swapping with you! X


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