Saturday, July 16, 2011

Catherine Arley

HeLLo everyone! Just another quick update for one of my lemming nail polishes. I really wanted a color kindda pale yellow with a slight tinge of salad green LOL~ And when I stayed at my mom's place I finally found a similar one. It is CATHERINE ARLEY nail polish #706. It has a pretty nice texture, dries normal and applies very smoothly. I like it a lot :D
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I also made a nail design using this nail polish as a main background color. Just sponged white strip along the nail plate and added a bit of yellow on top of the creame white. Also I draw some black stripes as a tiger print. Sealed everything with a clear top coat and done!
Here is my "LOVE" lol~ So glad I bought this nail polish :)
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Thats all for today. Thanx for looking everyone!
Have a nice weekend :)


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