Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hello everyone! I just came home and I can not get over it LOL~ For the last few days it is such a crazy heat and humidity out there! I really feel like I am a hero of "LOST" hahaha~ Always stuffy and sweaty body, kindda hate summer. I spent nice time with my mother-in-law today. We visited a hair salon where my sister working, ate a potato pizza and talked a lot
about nothing... Kindda relaxing day :D
Anyways, while my little son sleeps and I have nothing to do right now I decided to share my current manis using an acrylic paints. I have 2 different kits tho. My first kit made in Russia is oil based and the second one I already bought over here and I think it's a water based acrylic paint.
Here is my mani I wear for now. For this mani acrylic paint part is a white stripes and black lines as well. Kindda animal print on gold background LOL~ I used Skin Food nail polish in Sparkled Sand for the main color and topped it with a gold flat glittery polish.
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Here is my sister's hands. I made this mani for her the other day. Also using acrylic paint. Totally don't know what happened to my camera coz it take a blurry pictures :( Have to play with a different lightings...
Here is the RUSSIAN GLINKA I've made for my sister using that oil based acrylic kit.
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Skin Food  nail polish in Sparkle Sand
Skin Food nail polish in Red Stone.
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Thats it for now. Thanx for looking and have a great day!


  1. i thought that all acrylics are water-based?
    oil-based paints are the ones that are used for oil-painting,isn't it?

    i used to paint & i have both oil & acrylics as mediums...

    that gold polish from skinfood looks so nice!

  2. Thanx THIAMERE! I thought the same at first! But when I read a description on russian made acrilic paint box that was "can be use for nail art". So, I've tried andit isn't a good way for designing lol~ Also it hard to remove when mistake :P

  3. Love all of them..Your very creative hun..^_^..

  4. Thanx -Diana- and -AnGiEpInK- :D


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