Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Face Shop Face & It PP404

Hey everyone! Recently I noticed that my Google account have some problems and I can't comment on other blogs :(
Anyways today I'm back with this design using some of The Face Shop products: Face & It nail polish in PP 404 and Nail Stickers. I can say that both of the products are so nice and worth to try out them!

Here is my FULL MANI 

The Face Shop  


the Face Shop 

Also I took a picture of my NAKED NAILS. Plese, ignore that date, it's not right lol~ 

My naked nails 

And my very first toe nails picture. I made some design using orange and white nail polish also black nail art polish with a thin brush.

toe nails

Thats all for now :) 'till next time! Have a great time :D


  1. Love it,hun!
    it looks great!

    I wish i could also post a toe nail design someday but my toenails looks horrible!

  2. I love it..Absolutely gorgeous..Like it say before that xxx doesn't look like stickers at all..It look like glitter nail art pen..I love your nail hun..Really envy it..Mine is not that good like yours

  3. This is so cute!
    I love it!

  4. Очень красиво! а полосочки такие аккуратные на ианикюе - это Нэйл СТикеры? Наклейки то есть?

  5. @ Dana, пасибо, да, это наклеечки такие :)

  6. Hey hon! Your natural nails look so very strong. I wish my nails were long and strong like that!!

  7. Thanx everyone for the love :D <3


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