Thursday, June 30, 2011

Different Nail Designs

Hello people! Finally blogspot started working again! LOL~
Today just a quick update for some of my recent manicures. I don't actually have a lot of time for blogging but I wanted to post it today, because here in Korea it is so rainy days. And I wanted to brighten up such gray days with those colorful pictures hahaha~
Summer Nail Tips Accent 
That was such a sunny day when I took these pictures :D
summer tips accent
My NOTD. And this is one more copied nail art design. I used tartofraises nail tutorial. She is another amazing nail art artist who I love! Truely love! Such wonderful free hand nail designs! Very talanted girl! Absolutely amazing with every single design of her! 
Tartofraises's Nail Design
Also here is some of nail designs I've made for my sister Lena. She is very nice hand model, very like making manicures for her! A huge pleasure and for me and for her :D
This one I called PUPPIES.
I used a sponge technique for background pattern and for the puppies I used an image plates + black special polish.
Gradient Effect
Again I used a sponge technique for colorful pattern and two way nail art pen in black for making the stripes.
Floral Paradise
I sponged blue, orange, red and green nail polishes on top of yellow color. Put on some floral 3D nail stickers and top coat.
Here is a hand variant of my design in RUSSIAN GLINKA
A few days ago I did the same design on my toes and it looked as pretty as on hands :D For this design I used acrilic paint in blue and nail art polish in glitter blue to contour those "petals".
Thats all for now. Thanx for looking and following my blog :D
Have a great week!


  1. welcome back.....they look awesome....cheers!!!

  2. OMG! i love all of them especially the first one!

    come and vote in the contest on my blog, there's a chance to win a lip gloss

  3. OMG!!! How do you make your nails look so awesome??!!

  4. wow , you are so good at nail art designs and I look up to you for doing a lot of designs!

  5. The first one and the floral paradise are my favorites, very pretty!

  6. the puppy nail is so cute! love it!

  7. Thanx to all of U! <3 very happy to get so many nice feedback :D

    @ Denysia, my nail care its applying cuitcle oil and base coat nail polish. Honestly, I'm not doing anything more than this recently LOL~


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