Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CHERRY + Vacation HAULs

Hello everyone! This week goes so fast! At June 25 it was very first birthday party of my little son :) Yay! He is already 1 year old :D We also had a small foto session with both my sons :) It was such a great experience. I will show some professional *lol* pictures as soon as they will ready. Anyways, today, in my case tonight, I decided to show one of my previouse nail design which I did when stayed at my mom's place. 



1. First of all I used a base coat for my nails. After that I applied a neon orange polish in 2 coats.
2. Then I sponged a bit of a yellow color on the tips of my nails.
3. Applied a yellow shimmery/glittery jelly.consist nail polish on top of it.
4. Put on some cherry water decals and sealed with a top coat. Done!


And here is some of my new items which I bought at my mom's place. I really wanted to buy another brand of polishes but I couldn't find any of them :( Also I didn't used all of them, most of polishes are still new.

Nail art polishes with a long and thin brush; fimo wheel; nail art deco glitters.

Nail Art Nail Polishes

And yesterday I finaly visited The Face Shop store and bought some of new nail polishes. Cracking polishes in grey, blue and brown. Can't wait to use them :P

The Face Shop Goodies

I also bought a ton of other things, but seems like my google account glitching so crazy, all my pictures are simply disappeared :(

Thats all for now. 'till next time :D
Thanx for looking!


  1. Belated HAPPY BiRTHDAY to your dear son!!! ♥

    Your new hauls are so nice! I ♥ the glitter polishes. (^__^)

  2. Wahhhhhh..Love all your hauls..It's alot!..Love your mani hun..Bright colour with cute cherry..^_^..Can't wait to see you wear all of your nail polishes on your post..

  3. Great mani!!
    What an amazing haul!!

  4. Great mani!!
    What an amazing haul!!

  5. Love the nails, so bright and summery!

    Jonna xx

  6. love the colors of your nails, we are sporting almost the same shades of orange and yellow! :)

  7. Great stuff and love your sunny fruity nails. xoxox

  8. ThanQ ThanQ ThanQ ALL!!! mwah~


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