Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Frozen Flowers

HI all! This is another mani I've made the other day for FNA weekly challenge entry and the theme is "Winter Wonderland". 

VoV Strengthener Solution
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex nail polish in WH002
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex nail polish in BL602
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Sponging Kit
The Face Shop Face & It nail polish in SL211
Organic Farm nail polish in Blue Cubic
She's Nail 3D Gem Nail Stickers
The Face Shop Face & It Shimmer Top Coat

Frozen Flowers

Here is my right hand and the design is a little bit different :P

Frozen Flowers

Thats it :D Hope U like it! Let me know what do U think?

P.S. December 10th starts my vacation and I'll be gone for a while! But I can say for sure that I will not stop blogging and my passion for nails and nail art is not extiguished. I will try to update here as soon as I can but U still can see my nail creations on FaceBook account, click HERE to add me >_<
So, thats it, just a quick update. Wish me a soft fly ;)
I am already miss U all <3

Monday, December 06, 2010

A Rose

HELLO EVERYONE! How was ur weekend so far?
Sorry for being such MIA and totally snob for not replaying and answering ur comments but recently I am absolutely busy! Still preparing for our upcoming vacation which starts this Friday, I'm still buying some presents and clothes and such and also I even didn't started packing our stuff lol~ Very busy :P

A few days ago I did this mani with ROSEs. I know that a lot of u want to see more Christmasy nails like snowflakes, "present packages" on nails, x-mas tree, etc. and I wish I have more time to get done those designs for u guys but... unfortunately... Anyways, here is the mani using a nail stickers XD

Because of such sparkly and glittery and shiny and such nail polish my pictures are not clear at all. I've tried to take pictures in a day light and room light and it seems a bit blurry anyways. But this combination of nail polishes looks absolutely amazing in real, I promise U!


Sassy Colors nail polish #62 (2 coats on)
BW nail coctail kit in red glitter jelly (applied 1 coat on top of the main polish color)


Sassy Colors nail polish #62. 2 coats on. Such lovely color completely matching my winter jacket ;) *wink v2 <3 *
Sassy colors nail polish #62

Day light and with a camera flash~

Sassy colors nail polish #62

Thats it for now~ I'll do a quick update for my go-to vacation nails later~
Thanx for looking! 

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Candy Cane for Christmas

HI all! As I promised here is more of Christmas nails :) Just another simple and very basic idea of candy canes. Very, very easy to do, all what u need is just a few lines across ur nail plate + some stars :)

VoV Strengether Solution (this was used for nail polish base coat)
The Face Shop Face & It nail polish in WH001 ( used for main base color)
Eclipse nail polish in Blue Angel (sponged for green candies)
Beauty World Nail Coctail Trio in Cream Red (for the red lines)
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in GR503 (used for green candy line)
Red, Gold and Green stars (I bought them in a craft store and used as a nail decoration)

Christmas Candy Cane 

Today is so rainy out there and I don't have enough lighting to get my pictures clear as always. Kindda blurry a bit but I'm pretty sure u've got an idea for ur Christmas mani *wink* :)

Candy Cane

Here is my right hand. I took this picture outside so it looks more clear ;) 

Candy Cane for Christmas

Thats it for now :D Let me know what do U think? Any other ideas for X-mas nail designs?
Thanx for looking!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas Nail Design

Hello everyone! It's a Christmas Season already! I really enjoy these holidays and so I decided to make some nail designs for this sort of theme. For todays mani I used just a few nail polishes, sponge kit, dotting tool and detailed brush. To start with I applied shimmery white polish as my main base color after that I sponged baby pink and cream white on top of it. Draw some green "petals" kindda shapes and with a dotting tool add some red dots. Thats it, easy huh? What do U think?

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex nail polish in GR502 mixed with Sassy polish in Emerald
The Face Shop Face & It Long Lasting clear top coat
The Face Shop sponge kit, Nail art small detail brush, Dotting tool (small size)

Christmas Nail Design 

...my right hand...

Christmas Nail Design

Thats it for today. Will be posting some candy cane nails a bit later :) 'till next time :)
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