Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dancing Phalanges

Hey everyone!
Do U know what is Franken is? Are U like making ur own nail polishes? So today I want to introduce to all of U Dancing Phalanges blog! When I read her blog post and Penny said that she made her own top coat I clearly was so amazed! Because it looks so glittery and just gorgeous! She also doing such nice and accurate nail polish swatches of different brands. Penny just started blogging and not a lot of nail polish bloggers knows about her blog so please go and check out Dancing Phalanges HERE. Lets support each other!

Here some of Dancing Phalanges nail polish swatches ...





Thats it! Please go and check out Penny's blog ;)
Take care and have a great week!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Emerald Sparkle and Disney Nail Design.

HEY all! I am already hit 950 followers and I am so thankfull for all ur support! I know I have to do some giveaways and such but actually next week I'll go to my Christmas and New Year's Eve vacation so kindda not good time for me for hosting a contests. But if U just started blogging or just want to be futured on my blog message me at requesttoanastacia@yahoo.com and I'll be make a posts about ur blogs! This is the best I can thank U for now and when I back of course I'll do some fun contests etc. ;)
Anyways, yesterday I've changed my mani again and I used Emerald nail polish by Sassy *wink @v2* and on top of that I applied clear nail polish with a bunch of rainbow glitters to it by Beauty World Nail Coctail Trio kit. And added some flower stickers on.

Emerald Sparkle 

This is my right hand on natural day light. On this hand I did a French tip only on my index finger.
Very easy to do nail design and don't take a lot of time tho!

Emerald Sparkle 

Awe! Also the other day I played with my image plates and decided to stamp on some Mikkey and Minnie Mouse images. For the main color I used creame white nail polish; sponged on top of it orange, yellow, lime green, light blue and purple; stamped the images with black color and made some red dots all over the nail plate. My son was an absolute delight from these Disney nails :)


Thats it for now! Thanx for looking everyone! Take care!
And right now I'm gonna paint my toes because Thriszha just soooo inspiring me with her every single work!

Friday, November 26, 2010


I did a water marbling nails at this time and I still failing with this particular technique! I kindda can't get pretty looking pattern and because of the weather nail polish dries super fast. For this color combination I used only 2 nail polishes The Face Shop Face & It in GL111 and Skin Food in Red Stone. As well as I added some round gold and red glitters.

Water Marbling 

This is my right hand and absolutely different looking design. With such technique u just can't get the same pattern on each nail. Also I was run out of my gold glitters and I decided to add some Essense scales but they don't shows up on the picture :/

Water Marbling 

Thats it! I'm not glad with this nails so gonna re-do them tomorrow, will share that later tho :)
Be safe and 'till next time!
Thanx for looking!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hello everyone! Sorry for long replays and comments but I'm not feel good for quite a few days already. I have a strong fever and almost lost my voice, yeahhh... damn flu :( I can't sleep at nights because of the headache and fever and I don't have a chance to get any rest at day time, yay, kindda stupid situation, so coz of it I am recovering very slowly. But good thing I'm still alive and also all my boys got their visas for our upcoming trip which starts December 10 :D Really can't wait to move :)

Last week I've made another FRUIT mani for FAB NAILARTS weekly challenge, click HERE if U want to see more gorgeous entries.
For this design I used different water decals and fimos which I'm absolutely loveee :) Isn't it such yummy nail design?


full mani and my right hand ...


ALLUE nail polish in Neon Orange. 2 coats on. I used this color as main base color and then sponged a bit of neon yellow and light yellow and put some fruit decoration on and done!

Allue in Neon Orange

Thats it for now! Thanx for looking and be healthy!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


HI all! Here is another design I've did. Very bright mani coz I personally absolutely in love with everything bright and fun but it's just me ;) I used a billion and one polish for this nail art but the final result looks not bad :) What do U think? Do U like such bright designs for ur nails? And what do U think when see something like that on somebody else nails?

Allue in Neon Orange

The Face Shop sponge kit
Nail Art detailed brush


...my right hand...
I change my mani pretty often whenever I have an idea or inspiration I do it immidately or I can loose it later lol~

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex collection in WH002. This color I used as main color base for this mani to pop out all those bright colors. 2 layers on.
The Face Shop

Thats it for now. Also I want to say that my vacation starts December 10 next month :) I'm so happy :D
Thanx for looking :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

China Glaze in "Cherry Pie"

Hey everyone! Just a very quick update for my very first China Glaze nail polish which I've got from the swap with my dear friend Thriszha of FAB UR NAILS. This kind of brand of nail polishes are not available localy here in Korea and I'm so exciting to try out it!

China Glaze nail polish in Cherry Pie. The application in 2 coats.

China Glaze

Also I stamped some design on the very tip of my nails with white stamping polish. I still failing in stamping nail designs but I'm working on it :)

*camera flash*
China Glaze CHERRY PIE

And just one more picture of my naked nails. Recently I like to use Strengthner Solution by VoV nail clinic and it works so nice :) But another fact that then longer my nails getting then curler they are :(

Natural Nails Nail Growing

Thats it all so far! Take care and 'till next time :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello everyone! How was ur weekend so far? As for me it was pretty awesome. I just back from road trip to the Seoul and me and my family spent a lot of fun time together :)
Anyways, here is my weekly challenge entry for FNA and the theme for the week is "PINK". Honestly I didn't have enough time to get my entry ready, because of the personal reasons. But I did this kind of pink design using some exciting stuff which I got the other day in the mail :D Here is more of the PINK entries ;)

Water Decals 

My right hand. Please excuse my dry cuticle and around the nail areas but it's personally again. At fall time my skin always get over dry ( I'm using moisturizing products basically all the time and doing hand treatment masks regularly! )

Water Decals 

This is the color base I used for this mani. Etude House nail polish in PK001 called "U SAY PINK!" The application in 2 coats. Very lovely cream light pink color. The texture is very nice and opaque.

Etude House 

And just a random nail polish swatch I bought the other day as well. This is The Face Shop nail polish from Lovely Me:ex collection in WH002. Application in 2 coats as well. I just needed a basic cream white polish. I do have VoV white color one but that works very nice for a stamping, so I get another one for basical manicure uses.

The Face Shop 

And here it is! I did another swap with amazing and absolutely talented blogger Triszha for nail designing stuff and I am sooooo happy to have those goodies! She is totally sweet to me all the time and sent me very, very many random nail art products and actually the main things are image plates! she sent me 13 different image plates and also Konad stamp, scraper, holder and special nail polish with some more other colorful stamping polishes in red, white and green. Fruit fimos and nail art brushes kit! + water decals, glitters, nail stickers and more nail polishes! YAY! I am so happy! Thank U so much v2! Luv yah!

Swap Package

Thats it! Thanx for looking! Have a great Monday!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Feel Spring

Hey Lovelies! The other day I've made this mani with nail stickers which my hubby got for me :)

Nail stickers, sponge kit

Feel Spring 

...my right hand...
My nails got curly recently. The longer my nails getting the more they look curling :(
Feel Spring 

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in GR502. 2 coats on. Used as main color for the manicure.
The Face Shop

Thats it for now. Thanx for looking :)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Let's do it again! WATER DECALS.

Hi Lovelies! I'm kindda very busy these days for preparing some things for our upcoming winter trip :) It's a big pleasure buying gifts for friends and family and just thinking about this trip to my hometown. Simply because I didn't have a chance to see my mom for long 3 years. Very exciting :) And this year I'll be able to celebrate Christmas and New Year with my family YAY!!!

Anyways, the other day I wanted to use water slide decals one more time and actually I do like the final result at this time.

Water Slide Decals

Here is the color I've used as base for decals. The Face Shop Face & It collection in WH001. 3 coats on. Sounds like a lot but this perticular polish dries very fast.

The Face Shop

Another polish I was wear during the last week. The Face Shop Nail Pleasure collection in GR501. 2 coats on.
The Face Shop

Thats it for now. Thanx for looking :D

Saturday, November 06, 2010

White Lace

HI ladies! The other day I've made a mani inspired by white lace. Feel in love with such kind of girly designs :) Hope u too :)
The Face Shop Nail Pleasure Nail Whitener as base

White Lace

...Room Light...
White Lace

Also here is a bit different mani with matte white french tips. U can use matte white nail polish if u have or apply a regular white nail polish and finish it with a matte top coat :)
White Lace

Thats all for now :) Have a great weekend u all :)

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Glam French Mani

HI ladies!
I didn't french mani for a long time already and decided to make some gold kindda looking glam tips.

The Face Shop Face & It Long Lasting Top Coat

Glam French

Here is my right hand :)

Glam French Mani

Also the other day my hubby got for me these stickers :) YES! He knows that i'm obsessed with nail decorating stuff and flowers :) And believe me it is sooo big pleasure to get sometimes such simple but very special gifts :)
Nail Stickers

Thats it for today. Don't have enough time as always. But thank u all for take ur time to visit and comment on my blog! Very do appreciate it!
'till next time!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Classic Marine, Session Green and Metallic Green

HI all! How was your Halloween weekend? Mine was very nice even we don't celebrate this holiday. It was a birthday party for my father-in-law. He is the best father-in-law in the world! Seirously, he supports me very good at all situations.

I changed quite a lot of nail colors these days because when i'll go for my winter trip i'll take with me only necessary nail polishes ( think all colors of the rainbow ) and the rest of my collection i'll care here at home. So i want to try all colors which i didn't used yet before i go.


Polka Dot

Matte Finish with The Face Shop Face & It Matte Top Coat.

Matte Finish

Aritaum nail polish in Classic Marine. 2 coats on.


Peripera nail polish in Metallic Green. Application in 2 layers.


Also i bought just a few new nail polishes The Face Shop Face & It Matte Top Coat; lofes in Peach Color and Eclipse in Angel Blue.

New Nail Polishes

Allue nail polish in Session Green. The application in 2 coats. (There is a water drops btw :P)

And here is my last mani for this update. I used a sponge to get those nail tips and added some random dots and lines with a Gold nail polish and thin detailed brush.

Bright Tips

Thats it! ThanQ for looking!
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