Friday, October 29, 2010

Tips Accent

HI ladies! The other day I've got R.A.O.K. from MAE with two image plates and I seriously couldn't wait to put them on my nails. So I did another mani kindda accented on the tips of nails using sponge technique as always.
The Face Shop Face & It Long Lasting Top Coat

Tips Accent

As main color for this design I used Sally Hansen nail polish in Aurora Diamond. Application in 2 layers.
Sally Hansen Nail Polish 

And here is the package surprise from MAE (Art of Nail). Just want to say thanx again MAE! I really do like those i.p. And your card to me is so sweet!

R.A.O.K. from MAE

Thats it! Thanx for looking!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a-la Flowers

HI ladies! Yesterday i was bored of waiting for mail with passport for my little baby and decided to change my mani. It took me a pretty long time because i've did a lot of layers. I applied a light yellow nail polish as main color; sponged on top of it bright yellow, green and dark green. Applied a sparkle nail polish on top of everything and drew some black, white and red lines which seems like a flower shape. Added some random dots and shimmer top coat.

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in GR502
BW Nail Coctail nail polish in glittery white
Aritaum Two Way nail art pen in White and Black

a-la flowers
...natural light...

...with a flash...
a-la flowers

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in YL701. Application in 2 coats. Sorry for such clumsy layering :P

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in YL701

And i also did another shot for my naked nails. I just applied The Face Shop Almond nail and cuticle balm on. Amazing stuff, love it so much, very moisturizing and hydrating my nails! But when the last time i went to the store it was sold out :( I have to get a backup for this product, seriously need it!
I know the nails look kindda very yellow tho but honestly i don't worry? who cares which color my nails under nail polish?

Naked nails

Thats it! Next time i'll do some stamping nail design because i just got sweet R.A.O.K. from MAE (Art of Nail) :) Check out her amazing nail art blog! because she is so talented and inspiring with all the nail designs!
Thanx for looking :)

Monday, October 25, 2010


HI all! We are don't celebrate this holiday here in Korea but i did these mani designs for FNA weekly challenge :) Click HERE to see more of fabulous ideas...

Wondering how to do that spiderweb? Easy! Just apply a thick layer of peach color nail polish draw 3 thin lines with a black polish take a needle/toothpic and from one corner make some diagonal lines kindda creating a spider web :)
For the ring finger i applied one coat of the same peachy polish; sponged yellow and green nail polishes on top and drew a spider. Put two rhinestones on the head and some on the body :)

Base and top coats
Lofes in Peach
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in YL702
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in GR502
Aritaum Two Way nail pen in Black


Matte finish design. Yes, i finally bought a matte top coat by The Face Shop Face & It collection :)

Spiderweb (matte finish)

And here is one more "GHOST" nail design which i actually did some time ago :)

Ghosts for Halloween

Thats it for now! Thank u for looking and visiting me! Very appreciate your opinion! Even if i very busy these days and can't read and visit your blogs i always read your comments! Thanx again for taking your time and commenting here :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


HI ladies! Here is another mani i've done so far. A few days ago i bought two way nail pen in white color from aritaum store and so wanted to play with it. And i do like it actually very nice and opaque texture. But drying time is too long especially for me. Anyways, here is the nail design...

VoV Hardener as a base coat
Enchant Silver nail polish
The Face Shop Face & It in SL211
Aritaum Two Way Nail Pen in White and Black
Skin Food nail stickers "Cute Ribbon"
The Face Shop Face & It Long Lasting Top Coat 

Ribbon right hand... looks a bit clumsy but it's ok :) coz i'm still practicing and absolutely new at nail art 'n stuff lol~


Thats it for now. Hope you got an idea for your next mani ;) Let me know what do you think ;)
Thanx for looking and have a great weekend :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Blue

HI ladies! Very thankful for all your visits and comments on my blog but recently i absolutely don't have any time on interent, updating posts and visiting your sites. Full time i'm a busy be mom. Also one month from today i have a Christmas trip to my hometown. So, i'll be updating even rarer for full 6 months. Very exciting about my winter trip. I'll be able to meet my old friends and also buy more different nail brands like Oriflame, Avon, Kiko, Golden Rose and such.

Anyways, today i did something calm down and simple because lately i've been done a lot of colorful nail designs. So here i used one of my new The Face Shop nail polishes. It is from Lovely Me:ex collection in BL603. This application in 2 layers. Just a creamy finish baby blue nail polish. Also i added some white lines and light blue rhinestones.

VoV Nail Hardener as a base
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in BL603
Aritaum Two Way Nail Pen in White
The Face Shop Face & It Shimmer Top Coat

Baby Blue

...right hand mani... i don't have a tripod yet to shoot my full mani :(

Baby Blue

Thats it for now ;) Thank U for looking and 'till next time :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sponge Design

HI everyone! Yay! almost 900 followers, three more and I'm gonna hit 900 followers! Just want to say thank to all of you for your huge support. It really means a lot to me!! Every single comment make me more inspiring! Thank U for following and reading my blog!!

The other day I made a mani inspired by fall. I used some green, yellow and orange colors to get this pattern.

Base, Top and Quick Dry nail polishes
Peripera nail polish in Metallic Coral
Lofes nail polish in Peach
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in YL702
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex in GR502
Aritaum Two Way nail pen in White and Black
Art Deco nail stickers.

...right hand with a flash...


Peripera nail polish in Metallic Coral. The application in 2 coats. Awesome texture and such a huge-giant brush. In one stroke i can fill in whole nail plate of my pinky finger :) This color was used as main shade for the nail design.
Peripera nail polish in Metallic Coral

Thats it for now! Thank U all for looking and until next time :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


HI ladies! Was really busy lately with my both babies. My son already got home form the hospital and he continue staying home and taking medicine for a full recovery. So everything is ok right now hopefully:) Thank to all of you for prayers and best wishes! 

Also I didn't made any mani this week coz seriously have limited time for mself lol~ Anyways I was able to do another weekly challenge entry for Fab Nailarts. The theme for this week is "Animal Print". Click HERE to see all entries. I decided to create some tiger stripes on my nails :) because I  was born in the year of Tiger; kindda my sign :)

This is very simple to do nail art design. All what I did is just applyed bright yellow nail polish as main nail color, sponged neon orange on top of it. Made one thick stroke of black cracking nail polish in the middle and with two way nail art pen in black drew some kind of tiger stripes on both sides. Outlined cracked part with glitter silver nail polish and sealed the design with clear top coat. Done!



VoV Nail Cone in Silver Shoes
The Face Shop Long Lasting Top Coat right hand...


The Face Shop nail polish from Lovely Me:ex collection in YL702. Application in 2 coats. Very bright yellow color used as main color for "Tiger Stripes" mani.

The Face Shop 

Also recently i bought some new nail stuff for myself :) 2 nail polishes from The Face Shop and the lady gave me a make-up pouch for free. And more of Aritaum stuff, Two Way Nail Pen in White, yay! it's available there :) and another matte nail polish.


Thats it for now! thank u for looking! Have a great Sunday :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Midnight Khaki

HI all! And again thanx to all of U for such kind words to my son! He feels much much better right now! Very do appreciate every single comment!
This is the latest mani that i've created. After I put on Midnight Khaki by Aritaum in my previous update i decided to add some kind of funky tips coz it fast and easy. So i sponged on the nail tips a bit of yellow, lime green, sky blue and metallic green and got this type of pattern. Also with The Face Shop Nail Dot Pen in White added two dot lines to highlight sponged part of the design. Applied shimmer top coat also by The Face Shop and done!
Left hand...
Midnight Khaki
This is my right hand...
Midnight Khaki
Thats it for now! Hope you like it :) Thanx for looking! 'till next time :D

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trying New Stuff...

Hey everyone! Not completely back coz my son still in the hospital. He feels much better lately! He already again started interesting in toys and robots and stuff and I want buy him every single toy in the world... Thank u all so much for your prayers! Hopefully next week my healthy boy be able back home *fingers cross*
As for my mani, I really don't have so much and anything creative and cool to show you. But recently I've tried some of my new stuffies. As well as one of the Sally Hansen nail polishes which dear Thriszha was sent me and Aritaum nail products too. I don't remember who but somebody asked me where to find Aritaum products? Well, it is Korean beauty store which sales IOPE, Laneige and such, also the store distribute some of their own products. So I found the nail polishes and nail stickers there.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Sally Hansen in Mille Flue (not sure about the name). Application in 2 coats. Also I put Aritaum nail stickers on. Don't have enough time to decorate my nails other way... Don't like the stickers tho, those are kindda heavy and begin to curl after applying.
Aritaum nail polish in Crazy Grey #58. Application in 2 coats. Creame nail polish which I really wanted to have in my collection. Very opaque and nice color. If there available basic white and black I'll definately grab them coz seems like they will be great for stamping.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is another Aritaum nail polish in Midnight Khaki. 2 coats on. Beautiful color with micro shimmer to it.
Thats it! Thank U for looking!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Quartz Mystique and Water Decal Nail Design

HI all! This is a pre-made update. Right now i can't think about anything but my son. Recently he got very sick because of the cold and a few days ago my son got in the hospital. I can't spend with him all the time there because afraid that my lil baby will got sick too :( I'm kindda feel pretty awful and so badly want to see my son. Tomorrow morning gonna go in the hospital and will be there whole day...
Anyways, here is some nail mani i did recently, also some new stuff i bought. 
Thriszha sent to me water decals and finally i decided to play with them. And i think it is the most confusing mani i've ever done lol~ For those clumsy ladies LIKE ME it is not the best way to decorate your nails. I spent good hour to put them on :P I really have to practice with water decal application. And hmmm... it better to use a white nail polish as base color.
For the base color i used Wet n Wild nail polish in Mystic Quartz. This application in 2 coats. 
Wet n wild in Mystic Quartz
I also bought some new nail polishes and stuff lately...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Fab Nailarts weekly challenge entry "Autumn". I did a water marbling for this design using fall inspiring colors...
Click HERE to see all fall entries...
Fab Nailarts weekly challenge entry
Thats it! Thank U for looking! Be safe and have a great time!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Nail Coctail

HI ladies! Recently i've got a lot of nail stuff and really didn't have a chance to play with. So today i did a mani and used some of new things. 
Allue in Neon Orange
VoV in Silver Shoes
I just applied pastel yellow n.p. as my main color, sponged on top of it bright yellow, then neon orange and "nail coctail". Draw some petals kindda shape and sealed those black lines with silver glitter polish.
015 right hand...
Swatch of San San n.p. i used as my main color.
San San in Tropical Lemon. 2 coats.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I also decided to take a pic of my naked nails mark it with a date and see how they grow lol~
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Thats it for now! Thank u for looking!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

"Black and White"

 Hey ladies!
Here I am back with another Fab Nailarts weekly challenge entry. The theme is "Black and White". You have to create mani using only black and white colors, obviously lol~ Click HERE to see all amazing entries!
I decided to make a free design which is absolutely easy to do. You only have to apply a thick layer of opaque white nail polish all over the nail plate, add 2-3 lines of black polish and with a toothpic or needle connect it in a spiral shape. Also I alternate it wth a black color as well. For more original look add some bling-bling stuff...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Nail Polishes Used:
The Face Shop base coat and shimmer top coat.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Hope I gave you an idea for your next mani :) Thats it for now! Thank u for looking! Have a gorgeous weekend!
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