Monday, December 06, 2010

A Rose

HELLO EVERYONE! How was ur weekend so far?
Sorry for being such MIA and totally snob for not replaying and answering ur comments but recently I am absolutely busy! Still preparing for our upcoming vacation which starts this Friday, I'm still buying some presents and clothes and such and also I even didn't started packing our stuff lol~ Very busy :P

A few days ago I did this mani with ROSEs. I know that a lot of u want to see more Christmasy nails like snowflakes, "present packages" on nails, x-mas tree, etc. and I wish I have more time to get done those designs for u guys but... unfortunately... Anyways, here is the mani using a nail stickers XD

Because of such sparkly and glittery and shiny and such nail polish my pictures are not clear at all. I've tried to take pictures in a day light and room light and it seems a bit blurry anyways. But this combination of nail polishes looks absolutely amazing in real, I promise U!


Sassy Colors nail polish #62 (2 coats on)
BW nail coctail kit in red glitter jelly (applied 1 coat on top of the main polish color)


Sassy Colors nail polish #62. 2 coats on. Such lovely color completely matching my winter jacket ;) *wink v2 <3 *
Sassy colors nail polish #62

Day light and with a camera flash~

Sassy colors nail polish #62

Thats it for now~ I'll do a quick update for my go-to vacation nails later~
Thanx for looking! 


  1. what a wonderful mani! :)

  2. Another super gorgeous Mani! I haven't gotten the chance to change mine, been very very busy :)

  3. Oh my god I love this! It's sooo pretty! And the color suits you well :D

    x0x0 Tessa

  4. gorgeous color hun..I love it when hit camera flash.. Can't wait for your other mani..^_^..

  5. Oh boy. That mani is simply gorgeous! :P

  6. The sassy nail polish looks really pretty!

  7. oooo wow it's absolutely marvelous!!!

  8. Очень праздничные ногти!

  9. awww that's just sooooo pretty & elegant! =)

  10. I like the bling bling...

    And the red color nail polish is beautiful..the kind of red that I would wear.... instead of just pure bright red. :)


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