Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hello everyone! Sorry for long replays and comments but I'm not feel good for quite a few days already. I have a strong fever and almost lost my voice, yeahhh... damn flu :( I can't sleep at nights because of the headache and fever and I don't have a chance to get any rest at day time, yay, kindda stupid situation, so coz of it I am recovering very slowly. But good thing I'm still alive and also all my boys got their visas for our upcoming trip which starts December 10 :D Really can't wait to move :)

Last week I've made another FRUIT mani for FAB NAILARTS weekly challenge, click HERE if U want to see more gorgeous entries.
For this design I used different water decals and fimos which I'm absolutely loveee :) Isn't it such yummy nail design?


full mani and my right hand ...


ALLUE nail polish in Neon Orange. 2 coats on. I used this color as main base color and then sponged a bit of neon yellow and light yellow and put some fruit decoration on and done!

Allue in Neon Orange

Thats it for now! Thanx for looking and be healthy!


  1. OMG!!Gorgeous mani!..I love it hun.. The fruits look real..^_^..

  2. love this.. tooty fruity juicy mani..

  3. Wow, this is really beautiful! Mmm, makes me feel like eating fruit now ^^

  4. Aaww glad you're feeling well!

    Girl this nail art is fab and I hope you win the challenge if there's any contest at all! :) this is very pretty!

  5. Looks so tropical. Really cute mani! :P

  6. Fantabulous!!!!

    How could you do so fine art, just like a painting? It looks more lively because of the cut slices.
    I m really impressed.

  7. wow!
    That looks so perfectly beautiful!
    it's like a still painting!

  8. very juicy lol they look good enough to eat :D

  9. your designs are so bright and cheerful! i hope you recover soon, i just got over my cold (two weeks yuck!).

  10. yummy! yummy! and the orange is so bright and beautiful!

  11. Hey, I just found your blog. Your nail designs are incredible! You have a great blog here.

  12. Hope you feel better!
    The design looks really cute :)

  13. I hope you will get well soon, my thought and prayers are with you. Take good care of yourself

  14. Wonderful mani, one of the best with Thriszha (of course XD) Very well done & now I'd like to eat a fruit's salad ..... I hope you feel better, have a good day


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