Thursday, October 07, 2010

Quartz Mystique and Water Decal Nail Design

HI all! This is a pre-made update. Right now i can't think about anything but my son. Recently he got very sick because of the cold and a few days ago my son got in the hospital. I can't spend with him all the time there because afraid that my lil baby will got sick too :( I'm kindda feel pretty awful and so badly want to see my son. Tomorrow morning gonna go in the hospital and will be there whole day...
Anyways, here is some nail mani i did recently, also some new stuff i bought. 
Thriszha sent to me water decals and finally i decided to play with them. And i think it is the most confusing mani i've ever done lol~ For those clumsy ladies LIKE ME it is not the best way to decorate your nails. I spent good hour to put them on :P I really have to practice with water decal application. And hmmm... it better to use a white nail polish as base color.
For the base color i used Wet n Wild nail polish in Mystic Quartz. This application in 2 coats. 
Wet n wild in Mystic Quartz
I also bought some new nail polishes and stuff lately...
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Fab Nailarts weekly challenge entry "Autumn". I did a water marbling for this design using fall inspiring colors...
Click HERE to see all fall entries...
Fab Nailarts weekly challenge entry
Thats it! Thank U for looking! Be safe and have a great time!


  1. OH MY GOD!!..Gorgeous mani..I love both mani hun..Your very creative always have idea to create gorgeous and creative mani..I admire your talent..

    Aww don't worry hun..I'm sure your son will be alright.. I'll pray for him.. :)..

  2. wow.. love it... specially ur autumn mani..
    when u used water decals its much better if u choose a lighter base polish so the water decal design will be more pop-out!!
    these Mystic Quartz is really nice on u..
    and u have a very great stuffs.. cant wait for the swatches of the 2 aritaum polishes plus ur review for the quick dry XD

    keep safe..


  3. girl!!! Such lovely nail art! You know what? I envy you for living in a country like Korea! I love the place and TFS products are way cheaper as compared to down here!!!!!

  4. truly amazing nail art! love it!

  5. I hope your son's health gets better.

    and water marbling looks so fun! =)

  6. It looks absolutely fantastic! :P It looks really pretty.

  7. Gorgeous as always! Love the marbling!

    Aw hope your son gets well soon. Make sure you get some rest too to be strong for your boys xxx

  8. this is such an amazing manicure! LOVE

  9. Hope your son gets well soon. *hugs*

  10. omg...they're fab...gr8 one!!!!

  11. absolutely love the pointer finger design :D

    hope your son gets better!!

  12. Pretty nails!
    Hope your son will get better soon :)


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