Sunday, August 08, 2010

Twilight Time

Hello manicure fans! How is your weekend goes? I have extreemly little time right now!
Today I decided to change my mani for another next week because I had a very huge chipped tip on my ring finger. So I couldn't see that horridness anymore and here we go...
I created some kind of twilight for this time. And it looks much better in real time. Because of not right lighting I can't show you all the beautiful-ness of this design.

But anyways, for this nail art I used:
A random sponge
A thin synthetic brush
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Yes, this is a sponge technique again! I just in love with final "non-flat" effect.
Why Twilight? It's just how I personaly feel it. Just my own inspiration of it.

How to get these nails:
1. Apply base coat
2. Apply silver nail polish as a main color and wait until it completely dry
3. With a sponge apply black nail polish on 2/3 of nail plate
4. Apply the same silver on 1/2 of nail plate
5. Apply the same black on tips of your nails
6. Draw a diagonal lines with glitter silver nail polish
7. Apply butterfly stickers or whatever else you like
8. Set all the design with a shimmer top coat.
All those glitters reflecting the sun light and this nail art looks kind of blurry :( But it's totally cooler on the nails!
Hope you'll try it :) And let me know what do you think? Love to hear your opinion!


  1. this is soooo gorgeous!!!!! it looks so elegant and chic!

  2. This is one of the most beautiful designs I have ever seen. I want to do this as an eye look!

  3. Wow, this looks wonderful.


    P.S. Congrats on the birth of your son. I know I am late. Hope the little guy is doing well.

  4. gorgeous butterflies on your nails :D

  5. this looks beautiful! =)

  6. WOWZA! I wish I could so this, it's beautiful :D xx

  7. Love the nails, they are so beautiful and elegant.

  8. this is very beautiful... love it...

  9. mimi, thank you so much!

    vanity-fashionista, thank you!

    Padmita, thank you! This is a great idea!

    Chrissy, thank you a lot!

    Askmewhats, I like those stickers too :)

    Chelle, thanx!

    CarmenSays, thank you! You should try this one day. It's not as hard to do as it seems ;)

    Dina (XYYan), thank you sweetie!

    nihrida, thank you so much!

    beautifulwithbrains, thank you!

    Gaby, thanQ :D

    Maria Elizabeth, awe! thank you so much!

    Miss Ka, thanks for the love :D

  10. oops..i have given my comment for this post on your other post..anyway...i love your blog.

  11. love it, just gorgeous! :)

  12. Gorgeous, I love it!! x

  13. This is such a beautiful design!

  14. thank u babe! your nails are so pretty!

  15. so gorgeous, i'm loving the color and details~!

  16. lovely nail design! i really like the butterflies you added too :)

  17. @Rakhshanda, thanx for the love!

    @lillo, thank you!

    @Jonna, thank you!

    @Silkybow, thank you so much!

    @Tinja, thank you :)

    @amynaree, thank you :D

    @mayaari, thank you! i love those stickers too :D

  18. that is soo pretty! you are so talented! :)

  19. really beautiful nails, you are so talented!

  20. Oh my. Those nails are gorgeous! :P

  21. gorgeoussssss nails :D

  22. Gorgeous nail tutorial as usual..I love it hun..Your very talented..

  23. @♥ Starryxuan, thank you so much!

    @Nic Nic, thank you!!!

    @Pammy, awe! thanQ!

    @izumi, thank you, Sarah!!!

    @-AnGiEpInK- thank you :D

  24. woow you are really good!


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