Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lazy Manicure

It was very busy and at the same time emotionally difficult week at work for me. I didn't have time to change my nails and even all nail art ideas left my brain lol~ I checked Pinterest for nail designs the other day and found this cute mani with black and white sponge effect with silver glitters between the colors. So I decided to copy such cute but easy and fast to do mani for myself using yellow and green polishes.

Thank you for visiting my blog~
Have a polished day :)
 Please, excuse dry skin *oops*

Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy New Year Nails

HeLLo everyone! Happy New Year! I hope this 2015 year will be very special and memorable for all of you!
Decided to make a quick post to share my nails for past New Year Eve.  

Hope you like this nail art. Thank you very much for stopping by~ And have a polished day!
How To Make This Nail Art:
1. Apply base coat to protect natural nails and provide smooth surface for following nail polish application.
2. Apply sheer blue polish as main background color.
3. With blue and white acrylic paints make snow like french tips.
4. On top of everything apply white confetti polish.
5. Add some new year water decals.
6. Stamp a few snowflakes.
7. Add a couple of silver rhinestones.
8. Seal everything with clear top coat.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Tie Dye Surprise Nails

HeLLo everyone! How was your Christmas? As for me, it was by far the best holiday ever. Because my mom came to visit us here in Korea we cooked lots of food, talked about many things and spent fun time with kids. Thats why I don't have much time to change my mani. Anyways, here is my fresh nail art that I have right now~

How To Do This Nail Art:
1. Apply base coat to protect natural nails.
2. Apply navy blue polish as main background color.
3. Apply thin layer of nail art glue and stick on colorful foil.
4. Randomly sponge white polish all over the nails and gently seal everything with top coat.
5. After everything is dry stamp star image using Born Pretty 06 i.p.
6. Lastly seal everything with clear top coat.
Picture of both hands indoor lighting...
Here is the Born Pretty 06 image plate available at Born Pretty store. Click HERE to see new version of this image plate. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Sailor Moon but I found this particular plate has cute star images which isn't on new ones. Anyways, I think it's pretty interesting stamping plate to add to the collection~

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Born Pretty 03 Image Plate + MISSHA Haul

Hello everyone! It feels like I haven't posted here in forever lol~ Recently I have so little time for my nails but I will try to post mani pics more often. Anyways, today I have simple stamping nail art using Born Pretty 03 i.p. which I got to test and try out. 

Thank you very much for keep visitng me! Have a polished day!

For this stamping mani I used Born Pretty 03 image plate, click HERE to see more details about this product. I tested out all the images and seems like this particular plate isn't well engraved and the very left image is damaged. I just couldn't get perfect image on stamper. But this plate is old version and hopefully new one is better quality.
Do you have this image plate too? How do you like it?
The Face Shop nail polish from Face & it collection in PP404. 2 layers on with top coat. I was wearing this solid nail color before and this one is my favourite polish of all time. I just like looking at how sparkling and glittering it is :)
Also the other day I went to the MISSHA store and bought a few items while they have 50% off sale.
Prism Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF30/PA++
Ultra Water-Full Eye Treatment
Shine Top Coat (my must have)
Love Secret Hand Cream with lemon scent
Some of the products were sent for review purpose.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Stamping Nail Arts Recap

Hello everyone! I haven't posted much lately but I was collecting my manicures using Born Pretty store products. Because all the image plates I recieved are old designs and no longer available at the store I have no reasons make individual posts. Anyways, here is some of the nail arts I've done before~

This is my current nail art using Born Pretty 04 i.p. Click HERE to see more information about this product. For this mani I pre-made stamping decal with peacock for the accent nails and for the rest of the nails I just stamped middle image. 
This time I made another stamping mani using Born Pretty image plate in 09. Click HERE to see more info about this product. There is absolutely different designs on the same plate at the web-site and I don't see any reasons to review the old stamping plates but because they were sent to me for free I will share them all anyways. 
To get 10% OFF of whole purchase use AUL91 coupon code.
Recently when I reach certain nail length my thumb nail always breaks *sad face* and I have to cut off all of my nails to make them look similar length. The same happened to me a few days ago. So I shorten them all... And this time I was wearing Skin Food Party Tox Nail polish in Pearl Party. It is 1 layer on, just wanted to get semi-nude look. 
Very simple mani using one of my favourite polishes by Essence in Choose Me and rhinestone wheel from Born Pretty store. Click HERE to see more details about this product. 
A few days ago I got amazing package full of stationeries in it (I love to journal and love cute decorations) and these 2 babies was in there~ My first EOS lip balm with pomegranate raspberry taste, which is sweet~ I only used it twice but so far it is quite nice product. And the Maybelline mascara which is still new :)
Some of the products in this post were sent to me for review purpose.
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