Sunday, September 14, 2014

Professional Bridal Nails

At the very first time in my life I have visited nail salon :) Because I didn't brought any nail art tools with me at my mom's place so I decided to go out and get professional nail art done. And let me tell you how relaxing this process is! I seriously enjoyed manicure session~ I asked for white french tips with some floral accent and here is the final result :)
It is really interesting to see how other professionals do the job...
Thats it for now :) Thank you very much for taking time and stopping by!
Gotta go and keep journaling about my summer trip. If you are interesting in stationery things you should check out my Instagram account @ANASTACIAPARK because I love those things too :)

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Golden Rose Rich Color Nail Polish

Hello everyone! I missed blogging so much :) Finally I'm back from summer vacation and now I wanna show a few nail pictures that I did while I was traveling. 
I bought just a few beauty items during my trip and only these 3 nail polishes. Obviously they are by Golden Rose which I saw quite a few nail bloggers talked about them in their posts. I like the quality and the wide brush is also good.
Golden Rose Rich Color #07. 2 coats on. Super neon pink polish, very opaque in color, I already wore this twice and love it~
Golden Rose Rich Color #111. Sort of khaki green color in light version, 2 coats on. Creme finish.
Golden Rose Rich Color #42. Very cute lilac color with nice silver shimmer to it. I have 2 coats on. 
Thank you very much for supporting me while I wasn't blogging~ I really appreciate it~
Thank you very much for stopping by~
Have a polished Autumn Festival holidays :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

My Vacation Nails

Before I went for the trip I made this mani which is absolutely suits my stretch floral pants (holding summer dress on these pictures lol~, talking about another piece of cloth) and travel backpack. I was so exciting to match all this details for my outfit. And this nail art is definitely brings everything together, wish I did the same pedicure as well lol~ Anyways, it is very simple mani again, just basic white polish for the background, a few layers of graffiti glitter polish (neon pink, neon green and white) and the water decals on top. Thats it, super simple, right?
Hope you like this design and give it a try :)
Thank you very much for taking time and stopping by~
Enjoy summer!
For the main nail art decorations I used this set of water decals, click HERE for direct link to the product. On the web-site it shows as a big sheet of water decals with 4 different styles without any numbers and when you buy it, you'll get only one of them, so make sure to clarify which one you'd like to get when placing order. Otherwise you will get the very first set. 
But this water decals are very nice quality, they easily un-sticks from the paper and opaque in color. Before use I suggest to cut off all the black frames because it will mess up the actual water decal design.

To get 10%OFF of whole purchase feel free to use AUL91 coupon code.
This product was sent for review from Born Pretty store.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Arabesque Nails

For some reason this summer I really enjoy wearing different white clothes. And seems like my preference for nail art is white color also :) This week I have very simple yet looking fresh mani. I applied 2 layers of basic white polish, stamped silver design on and sealed everything with matte top coat. 

What do you like to wear on your nails this summer?
Hope you like this mani and give it a try!
Thank you very much for taking time and stopping by~
For this nail art design I used QA88 image plate, click HERE for direct link to the product. Unfortunately it get sold sometimes, and if you are really interested in this stamping plate you should look at web-site and it'll get in stock soon :) This is so awesome i.p. with one full detailed arabesque design. I've tested all different parts and this whole plate works so nice, it graved perfectly! I really am in love with this plate and next time I wanna try it for stamping decal technique as well. 

To get 10% OFF of whole purchase feel free to use AUL91 coupon code. I don't affilate to the company!
 This product was sent for review from Born Pretty store.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review: Stamping Image Plate Organizer

When I first saw this type of stamping image plate holder I just totally felt in love with it, right away! I was planning to buy one of this by myself anyways, but since I was asked if I wanna test out nail art products from Born Pretty store, I decided to get this one :) I have to say that I used it for quite a few days to understand for myself what I think about this i.p. organizer and how do I like it. Well, my first impression was absolutely exciting, I loved everything about it: the actual image plate storage idea, the bright pink color, good quality of the holder, etc. But after a while I began to realize that it's not that comfortable to use actually. First of all when I wanted to choose a plate for nail art I had to rotate it back and forth to find right plate because you just can't bend pocket with image plate in it. Also this particular organizer has only 12 double-sided pages = 24 pockets; which can hold only a certain part of my overall stamping plate collection. In my opinion this holder would works much better for beginners or for any sort of travel occasions when you don't have/need a lot of image plates and they are all organized and stay in one place.   

You can check more detailed review by clicking HERE. *This blog post doesn't have any affiliated links, I simply collected all information you might be interested in.* 

Like I said this holder contains 12 double-sided pages and all of them are attached to the iron nail in the bottom corner, so everything stays put together for sure.
Each pocket is 6cm x 6cm in size.
I filled in this whole organizer and each plate is easily go in and out without any problems. I like the quality of this holder, really well done!
I also took a few pictures to show how it looks form the top and from the side when it completely filled in with stamping plates.

What do you think about this stamping plate holder?
Do you already have one of this?
How do you like it?

To get 10% OFF of whole purchace feel free to use AUL91 coupon code (not affiliated coupon code).
This product was sent for review from Born Pretty store.
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