Sunday, October 19, 2014

Midnight Flower Nail Art

HeLLo everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend! Today I want to share the only nail art for this week which I just did. Instead of cleaning and washing I usually do every Sunday morning I sat down and changed my mani. 

1. Apply base coat to protect natural nails and provide smooth surface for nail polish application.
2. Apply basic black polish to all of the nails and only on the half of the nail on middle and ring fingers. Just to create a simple accent.
3. Apply matte top coat for easier acrylic application.
4. To make acrylic colors pop on black polish mix them with white color. So did I, I mixed orange paint with white acrylic as well as yellow with white. 
5. With small flat nail art brush I made one-stroke technique to get those half-flowers done.
6. Added small gold hexgons in the center of each flower.
7. Randomly applied gold glitter polish.
8. Apply top coat to protect the design.
Thats it for this weekly beauty update. Hope you like this nail art and give it a try. 
Thank you very much for taking time and stopping by~
Have a polished day! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

HaLLoween Mani + The Face Shop Haul

HeLLo everyone! Because it is October (Halloween Month) and also Walking Dead Season 5 starts (we will see the very first episode of this season at Monday night) I constantly see scary themed nails here and there. So I decided to make this SCARY PUMPKINS nails too :) We don't celebrate such holiday here in Korea but I still like doing Halloween nail art anyways~
Also during last week I was wearing this Skin Food polish in Dipssi Party  from their Party Tox Nail collection. I have 2 coats on. It has slightly sheer texture with a bunch of diffrent glitters to it. I love this aqua color so much, it is perfect in my eyes :) 
And I finally went out to The Face Shop store to re-stock some products I run out of. First of all I needed nail polish remover and make-up cleansing tissues. I also bought Lip & Eye waterproof make-up remover which is awesome especialy in comparison quality - price, Lovely Me:ex You & Face Blusher in Gold Glow and facial masks in Lemon and Blueberry. Cotton pads and bar soap set I got for free.
Thats it for the last week beauty update :) Hope you have a polished day! Thank you very much for taking time and stopping by~ 
'till next Sunday :)

Sunday, October 05, 2014

This Week Nails + September Beauty Empties

I haven't changed my nails a lot throuh out this week. I am kind of run out of nail polish remover and I don't have a time to go out and re-stock lol~ Anyway, here is some of my nail art:

"Mermaid Tail"

"Camo Nails"

Missha The Style Crystal nail polish in Shocking Pop #8. 3 coats on. Sheer texture. Clear based polish with a bunch of different silver glitters as well as some colorful pieces to it.

 Missha The Style Crystal nail polish in Shocking Pop #1. 3 coats on. Sheer texture. Clear based polish with a bunch of different red glitters to it.

  Missha The Style Crystal nail polish in JGA01. 2 coats on. Metallic finish. Includes some rough pieces of glitter or sand whatever it is, which I don't like at all. 

 September Beauty Trash:
The Face Shop Mild Body Wash with green tea extract & olive oil. 
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex nail polish remover in 01 Pink.
Missha Super Aqua Anti-Trouble Formula Clearing Moisturizer.
Etude House Look At My Nails Care Smoothing Base Coat.
MODI Quick Dryer drops.
Missha skin care samples. Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule and Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream.
VoV matte white eyeshadow.
The Face Shop Rich Hand Cuticle & Nail Balm with vitamin E.

P.S. I do like all these products thats why I have them in my empties :)

What beauty products have you finished during September?

That is it for this beauty week update. Thank you very much for stopping by! Have a polished day you all!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nail Art Of The Week + Collective Haul

Hello everyone! This Sunday I want to share all my beauty experience throughout this week.

Hope you are all doing well! Thank you very much for stopping by and have a polished week :)
"Summer Check"
This is my current mani which I used one-stroke technique for. I havn't had much of a chance to create summer inspiring nails and I decided to make this one to say "good-bye" to this summer :)
"Evening Rain"
Since I already started working, sometimes I don't have much time for pretty nail art but I hate walking with chipped nails. So, this time I used very nice polish by Modi as my main background color and applied water decals along with some neon studs. 
 I haven't showed yet some gift items I got from my little sister. She gave me Avon shower gel and facial clay masks. I've only tried the blue box one - Jordan clay and I like how gentle my skin is after use.
And in this picture I collected all beauty products I brought with me from the trip and also some Missha stuff I already bought here. I got hair oil, Missha's Purifying Facial Cleanser, base and top coat.Taft Power hair gel, brow henna diy and 2 huge tubes of cream. My sister got those creams for me and added a few other ingredients like glycerol, ammonia, etc. to it and got super amazing cream! I love it! 
Also another beautiful edition to my gold collection - this new ring :) 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Black Pearl + Golden Rose Polish

As soon as I got back home I shortened down my nails. For right now it is the most adequate length I can deal with. Please, don't worry, I will grow up them again but not now. 
Anyways, I did one stroke nail art using black and white Oumaxi acrylic paints and randomly added a few silver holo hexagons.
I guess thats it for today. Hope you like this nail art and give it a try. Thank you very much for stopping by~
My nails on their forth day :) I wore this manicure for longer than 8 days ~
And here is some of my nails I was wearing during my summer vacation. Most of them are by Golden Rose and they are from my sister's collection. 
OLIVIA polish in #76. 2 layers on with clear top coat. Beautiful pink shimmer. Slightly sheer texture, also works good as a top layer on other polish. 
 Golden Rose Nail Laquer in #03. 2 layers with top coat on. Not the best quality product but I was exciting to try it out because of the color.
  Golden Rose Nail Laquer in #101. Clear based polish with a bunch of chunky silver glitters to it.
  Golden Rose Nail Laquer in #08. 2 layers on with clear top coat. Easy to apply, such lovely color. I really enjoyed wearing it :)
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