Monday, April 21, 2014

My Birthday Manicure

Hello everyone! Tomorrow is my birthday so I wanted to make fresh mani :) I'm not planning on celebrate it or something because I work at day time and my hubby take night shift tomorrow, so may be this upcoming weekend we'll go out somewhere :P But it is my special day anyways~
While me and my son was cycling (my father-in-law gifted me in advance nice bicycle yay!) I took a few pictures because it is sooooo beautiful outside right now, everything is blooming~
This picture I took inside to show the yellow half pearls from Born Pretty store. HERE is the exact link to the product.
All the rhinstone wheels I got to review. 

Feel free to use this 10% OFF coupon code: AUL91.
Rhinestone wheels was sent for review purpose.

And before I made b-day mani I was wearing this plain nail polish that I made myself.
Franken polish. I was experimenting with different duochrome shades the other day and came up with this delicate lilac polish which is also a blue duochrome. To get this product I mixed Lanige duochrome pigment with Missha base coat along with a few drops of nailpolish thinner. So, here I have 2 layers with clear top coat on. It dries pretty fast because it was mixed with base coat and intensely pigmented because I put a lot of loose eyeshadow in.
Etude House Dear My Party Nails collection in PBK803 Coco Black. 2 layers on with clear top coat. It is clear based polish with a bunch of white, black and some pink glitters to it. Some of them matte and some shiny. All of the glitter has a shape of sqaures, stripes and hexagons as well as some tiny ones. I like how it smoothly applies. Dries in normal time. Very good option instead of nail art :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

IKAT Nails + The Face Shop Haul

*This busy bee was keep me a company while I took pictures today :)*

Hello everyone! I wasn't happy with my previous mani so I decided to change it :P This time I made not very unique nail art called Ikat because it's all over the Instagram and You Tube. Anyways, I really do like this pattern and hope you do too :)
To get this nail design done I drew red diamond shapes all over the nails, then with white acrylic paint I made tiny vertical strokes, after that repeat such strokes with green and black acrylic paints. Randomly applied my holo top coat and sealed everything with regular clear top coat. 
If you decided to do Ikat nails I really suggest you to Google any ikat texture and just simply replicate it. So did I :)
Since I haven't showed my bare oval nails yet I decided to take a few picures also because it was requested on Facebook. Recently I really try to change my mani once a week only and don't use often nail polish remover and because of this routine my nails got much-much better. All of the dry patches are gone by now and my nails looks quite healthy (still yellow but I don't care - never un-polished).
I finally had a chance to go to The Face Shop store again. I was out of my "can't live without" Herb Day Cleansing Tissues. Bought it in big size of 70 sheets - it's my absolute must-have. Also they realized new Trendy Nails nail polish collection and I bought 2 and got 2 more for free :) From L-R: Electric Blue BL604, Yellow Button YL701, Top Coat and Base Coat. I already have used 3 of them: base coat which is ok, top coat which isn't fast dry and leave lots of bubbles and the yellow one.
Here I have 2 coats on of Yellow Button polish. Quite opaque, but it leaves brush srokes which are noticeable. Dries in normal time. I love yellow polish lol~ So bright and sunny!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Happy Easter Nails

It was one of those days when you have time to change mani and no inspiration at all! I decided to go for the Easter theme nails but I'm not pleased with the final result at all. It looks kind of messy so I might change it soon again. Because I don't have a choice I went to the work with this mani today and actually I got a few random comments and one lady asked how I made it. 
1. Apply base coat as always.
2. Apply pastel green to the thumb, index and pinkie fingers and sky blue to the rest of the nails.
3. Make 5 petal easy flowers on top of pastel green polish. Randomly place tiny white dots. Place peachy stud in the center of each flower.
4. Sponge white and blue polish to the accent nails. Stamp green grass. Stick pre-made Easter eggs stamping decals as well as a few studs and rhinestones. For this images I used Bunny Nails plates in Holiday edition HD-A and HD-B.
5. Seal everything with a good layer of clear top coat.
Thats it. Thank you very much for taking time and visiting my blog!
Have a polished day!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Blooming Blossom

Hello everyone! Hope you all doing great! I know, I'm rare updating my blog recently but I'm kindda happy with my mani changing days now. It's once a week and for now I try to give some rest to my nails. I've noticed they started peeling and got really dry over the winter time and also because of the often use of nail polish remover. I really want them long and healthy
Anyways, this time I decided to paint my nails inspired by spring and blossoms and such. This past Sunday me and my boys went to the park and on the way there was sooo many blooming blossom trees. Click HERE to see an update for this short trip on my personal blog. And this really inspired me to do such nail art :)
1. Apply top coat to protect natural nails and prevent smooth canvas for the following nail polish application.
2. Make a simple gradient with baby blue and baby pink polish all over the nails. To get it opaque do this application twice.
3. Apply shimmer top coat to make this gradation look even more smooth.
4. With brown acrylic paint and thin nail art brush draw some tree branches.
5. With white and pink polish make simple 5 petals flower by using bigger size dotting tool. 
6. In the center of each flower place a few tiny yellow dots.
7. Seal everything with clear top coat.
And a picture of blooming tree I saw down stairs this morning :)
Hope you all have a bright and polished day!
Thank you very much for taking time and stopping by!
Thank you very much TINKERBELLA for including me in your TOP-10 blogs HERE *hugs*

Monday, March 24, 2014

Super Easy Spring Floral Nails

Today is the only day off of work I got and I had to do so much things as well as change the mani. Obviously I wasn't planning on spent my whole free day by painting nails so I decided to make something simple yet bright. And here is the final result I came up with: neon gradation background with basic 5 petal flowers made with dotting tool. It is very easy and fast to do nails and I actually really like it as an overall pattern :)
What do YOU think of this mani?
ThanQ very much for stopping by and have a polished day!
To create my bright neon background I used new polishes from The Face Shop Oh My Neon Nails collection in #03 Miami Yellow (마이애미 엘로우) and #04 Hawaii Green (하와이 그린). I made simple gradient mani and sealed it with holo glitter top coat.
 And finally my main background color The Face Shop Oh My Neon Nails collection in #03 Miami Yellow (마이애미 엘로우). Very bright neon yellow polish which will look even more brighter on white base. Right here I have 2 coats on. And I really do like the texture of this polish. Seems like they've changed formula a bit and it is much easier to apply, much smoother. Dries in normal time. I wish there is more neon colors available, I would definitely grab some more!
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